Selena Quintanilla
Photo: Flickr/hellboy_93

There’s A New Selena Mural And It’s The Most Modern We’ve Ever Seen

We never tire of seeing of Latin art murals especially when they depict our favorite artists such as Frida Kahlo and Selena Quintanilla. There’s a new mural located at Walker’s Point, Milwaukee, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen. But first I should say, I’ve seen all kinda of art depicted on walls throughout various landscapes and city skylines. From Expressionism to Impressionism, each kind of artistic form, is breathtaking, however, we have never seen this classic beauty in such a spectacular way.

Artist Mauricio Ramirez is introducing the beauty of Selena in a way that is not just eye-opening but also remarkable. He’s using the art style of Cubism to portray Selena, and it’s a mural of her unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Take a look!


Here’s a close-up of the detail. It’s incredible to say the least.

“I feel like this mural is an even exchange between the new developments happening in the Walker’s Point neighborhood and the heritage that Milwaukee’s South Side holds, being predominantly Hispanic,” Ramirez told OnMilwaukee.

On his website, Ramirez states: “I am an architect of letters and icons since childhood, when each family gathering was an opportunity to replicate a gang symbol or sketch by an older cousin. The urban landscape became my canvas at a young age, but my paint soon found its way onto stretched fabric, where ideas were allowed to pool, eddy or flood as my heart desired.”

If you’d like to see this 20-by-50-foot mural in person, it’s located at 625 S. 5th St., at Walker’s Point.

Here’s a video of his creation, which took 25 hours to do, and his materials were simply spray paint and tape.

What do you think? Let us know if you’ll be visiting this Selena mural or about your favorite Selena mural.