Adrienne Bailon Channels Beyoncé to Survive Uncomfortable Holiday Conversations

Our favorite Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon is a decorating diva whose personal style definitely comes through in her holiday home decor

Courtesy of HomeGoods

Courtesy of HomeGoods

Our favorite Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon is a decorating diva whose personal style definitely comes through in her holiday home decor. This year with a little help from HomeGoods she spruced up her house with gorgeous candles, rose gold glass trees, and ornaments for a completely Parisian-chic inspired look.

Getting everything ready for a holiday party can be super fun but for many self-determined Latinas the holidays can be tough. This is the time of year when “y el novio?” or “you’ve gained weight” and “still no baby?” get thrown around. And it’s not like we love to be reminded of the things we are missing or maybe don’t even want in our lives.

Balon has been open about her fertility journey as well as her journey to self-acceptance and confessed that the way she survives uncomfortable holiday questions from family is by changing her perspective.

“I think the key is to recognize that most people are not trying to be malicious. I think changing my perspective on why people were asking these questions has been so helpful. Like every single day I’m asked are you having a baby? Or people comment on my Instagram. But I have to be honest, as much as that can be really difficult for me I know that it’s not coming from a bad place. Most people are excited for me to have a baby,” she said.

Courtesy of HomeGoods

Last year Balon revealed that her and husband Israel Houghton, were trying to get pregnant but that it had been a lot harder than she originally expected. She’s also been candid on The Real about the hurtful comments about her weight fluctuations since the show started.

“I think once you have that different perspective, it doesn’t make you feel as defensive which makes it easier for you to answer the question. For me using humor to the situation is always the way to go. So I love what Beyonce said to people in Elle Magazine, she was like “get off my ovaries!” If you can just find a playful way to get people to understand, ya know? It’s either a taboo thing or just like, be funny about it, laugh at yourself, poke fun at yourself, and sometimes that the easiest way to respond to it.”

She also shared responses that we can all use when our family, in-laws, or friends, start getting a little too personal.

Them: Y el novio?

Adrienne: En el futuro, I dunno pray for me. My novio hasn’t been born yet. I’m gonna be a bomb cougar!

Them: You’ve gained weight.

Adrienne: Yeah you should too, that’s the happiness. Yes! More to hold! And trust me I’ve definitely got that for the last two years at every Christmas people were like look at Adrienne she’s not eating well. This year I’m for sure getting ‘is everything ok? You’re so skinny!’

Them: Still no Baby?

Adrienne: Same answer as Beyonce “get off my ovaries!” Or no I’m not pregnant and that’s why I can drink tonight and have an amazing time!

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