Adrienne Bailon-Houghton’s Show ‘Wear it Well’ Promotes Body Positivity

If you were looking for more content from our favorite Cheetah Girls member, look no further

Photo: Instagram/adriennebailon

Photo: Instagram/adriennebailon

If you were looking for more content from our favorite Cheetah Girls member, look no further. While Adrienne Bailon-Houghton‘s YouTube channel All Things Adrienne already has a huge following — the 36-year-old is taking things to the next level and launching a Facebook Watch series, Wear it Well.

The new Facebook Watch series is meant to help viewers find the best clothing for their body type, while also promoting body positivity. The premiere episode of Wear it Well featured Adrienne and four of her girlfriends with different body types ranging from a straight and slim to a voluptuous hourglass figure, trying to find the most flattering pair of jeans.

The 17-minute episode has each woman show off which jean style they find most flattering and comfortable and in the end, Adrienne, whose body type is considered petite and curvy, wears a high-waist bell-bottom jean to accentuate her curves.

We want women to get comfortable in their own skin. To know that there isn’t anything you can’t wear. It’s just finding the right fit and making you feel comfortable in it,” Adrienne previously told NBC News.

In the past, Adrienne has also opened up about embracing her  Latinidad which includes accepting her curves which she’s said she gets from her Puerto Rican mom.

“Any time that I tried to blend in, mix in, or whitewash myself so to speak, the opportunities never opened up for me,” she told NBC News. “But when I embraced my full Latinidad, used that part of me that stands out, things have always worked better.”

In addition to her digital series, she’s also a co-host on the Emmy-winning daytime show, The Real. She’s also the first Latina talk show co-host to win an Emmy.

“Although it was such an honor to earn the title of the first Latina daytime talk show host on English language television, and to be entrusted with representing the Hispanic community in that space — it was also shocking to me,” she told Forbes. “It was a bittersweet moment because I was saddened that in 2013 I was the first Latina to have this role.”

With each professional venture, Adrienne has proudly showcased her roots and it’s translated to major success, with All Things Adrienne getting more than 100 million views and close to a million followers on YouTube and her jewelry line releasing nine collections since its launch late last year.

“I want women and girls and Latinas to know that we can create opportunities for ourselves in markets where we don’t already see representation,” she told Forbes. “Latinas can make a lasting impact in any industry and I want my successes and brand and businesses to serve as proof that we are truly capable of accomplishing anything.”

Wear it Well will have a new episode each week on Facebook Watch while All Things Adrienne releases a new episode every Tuesday on Youtube.

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