Adrienne Houghton’s Husband Slams Troll After He Shamed Her For Not Having Kids

What should have been a blissful wedding anniversary post for Adrienne Houghton was marred by a thirsty and ignorant Instagram troll

Photo: Instagram/adriennebailon

Photo: Instagram/adriennebailon

What should have been a blissful wedding anniversary post for Adrienne Houghton was marred by a thirsty and ignorant Instagram troll. Adrienne posted a loving 3rd anniversary Instagram post alongside her husband, Israel Houghton. Someone then had to spoil the touching post by writing, “3 years and no kids,” sad face. Oh, no! You should never have an opinion about a woman’s choice to have or not to have kids or anything concerning her body. Adrienne’s husband clearly felt the same.

Israel first posted, “the best decision I ever made,” which was sweet, but then he went after this troll in the most incredible way.

“Tyson, my brother. Do you really want this smoke right now?” Israel writes. “I’m gonna let you go and find something worth worrying about. In the meantime and in between time: May I suggest perhaps an online etiquette class? Couple things you don’t inquire about – women’s age, women’s weight, and as someone eloquently put it in these comments — unless invited STAY OUT of a woman’s uterus. Maybe find a girlfriend or wife and worry yourself to your heart’s content about her pregnancy journey & plans.”

If this Instagram wasn’t privy to Adrienne’s personal life, let’s just educate him for a second. First of all, Adrienne is the stepmom to Israel’s four kids. Do you know how hard it is to be a stepmom? It’s hard AF. No one would blame her if she didn’t want to have kids of her own knowing full-well the difficulties it is raising kids. Second of all, he has no idea what Adrienne and her husband have been going through to have kids of her own. If he did, he wouldn’t have said what he said, and even if he didn’t know, it’s still nobody’s business.

Adrienne’s been very forthcoming about her issues trying to conceive. Last year she said on her show “The Real” that getting pregnant isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers.

“I thought it would happen so easily for me and it just hasn’t happened that way. I’ve had to come to peace that it will happen when it’s God timing. I believe in that, and I have faith in all of that, but it can be really discouraging, and it can be really frustrating,” she said on her show. “I would love nothing more than to be a mom, but I want it when God wants it for me.”

Everything will fall into place, including this Instagram troll who has since disappeared.

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