6 Healing Activities to Engage in While on a Detox

Did you know that your body is always detoxifying itself? The human body is designed to work to keep all of our organs functioning by keeping everything flowing

Photo: Unsplash/@dominikmartin

Photo: Unsplash/@dominikmartin

Did you know that your body is always detoxifying itself? The human body is designed to work to keep all of our organs functioning by keeping everything flowing. But sometimes we can get stressed out and it weakens the body’s abilities to cleanse.

This is where a cleanse can help. The idea of a cleanse is to “get out” toxins from your system in order to get your body back to it’s “best self.” Many cleanse diets recommend that you only drink juice or lemon water. Some diets have you eating only one type of vegetable or dish for a certain period of time. The ways you can “cleanse” are numerous and completely based on what you feel is best for your body. To help determine what kind of a cleanse is best for you, you should first speak to a nutritional health professional.

Once you have chosen your cleanse, the next step is to ensure that while you are on the cleanse you are taking care of yourself. Choose a time in your life where things are relatively stable, you do not want to be stressed out and on a cleanse at the same time. No bueno. Also, engage in a lot of self-love and healing activities while on the cleanse. Below are some ideas I have taken from my own experiences, try one (or more) and see how it works for you!

  1. Limit Exercise. This totally depends on how you feel. I find that doing too much movement while on a cleanse makes me feel sick. I prefer to stay low key, maybe a short walk around the block. You can also try some gentle detoxification yoga poses.
  2. Take Baths. A hot bath can really help relax the body. My go-to detox bath is an apple cider vinegar bath. It is good for your skin and your hair!
  3. Journal. Let this be a time of inward reflection. Buy a journal and favorite pen and give yourself time to think about where you are right now in life. The act of writing is transformative, it can help you to unlock and process parts of your emotions you may struggle with.
  4. Meditate. Sit silently for at least one minute each day of cleanse. You don’t have to feel bad if your mind wanders, just practice the feeling of silence around you for one minute a day and let it be that simple.
  5. Vision. Be open to your future. Create a vision for yourself that shows you at your highest peak. You can write about your vision in your journal and even make a vision board.
  6. Let Go. Cleanses are good times to let go. Figuratively and literally. Open your closet and get rid of stuff. If does not need to be a whole closet overhaul, but try getting rid of some stuff you just don’t wear anymore. You will have to do it at some point so why not while you are on a cleanse?

Remember, the most important thing for a successful cleanse is choosing one that works best for you. The right cleanse is one that will not harm you. Don’t overdo it, especially if this is your first one. Once you have chosen the cleanse, then make sure you set yourself up for success by doing all you can to take care of yourself, to show yourself love, to do things during the cleanse that make you feel good. With these elements in place, you can relax and enjoy the cleansing experience!

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