Where to Get the Best Hoops at Every Price Point

Photo: @analuisany/Instagram

Hoop earrings have been part of our decorative, style armor for decades. They speak to our refusal to blend in with the “mainstream,” our desire to stand out, and our need to proudly show off an accessory that is integral to our culture. We find them everywhere, from swap meets and flea markets to upscale, luxury jewelers. It is obvious that we simply love our hoops.

And we obviously can’t just have one or two pairs of hoops. No, we need an everyday pair, a special occasion hoop, an on-trend hoop, an extra AF hoop, and so on. We want them in gold, silver, and all the colors. We want them in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and finishes. We want them all. To help you continue to build you hoop earring library, we wanted to share our handy guide on where to get the best of the best. We are including stores, individual designers and brands, and of course, Latinx-created options. And, as with all our shopping guides, you’ll see links to instant shopping gratification.




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