8 Affordable Wedding Venue Trends in 2019

Instagram used to be a place where a girl could dream of her wedding day: simple barnyard houses and baby breath flowers sprawled across cream, linen tables

Photo: Unsplash/@beatriz_perez

Photo: Unsplash/@beatriz_perez

Instagram used to be a place where a girl could dream of her wedding day: simple barnyard houses and baby breath flowers sprawled across cream, linen tables. Or sandy dresses caught in the beach wind, as a couple finally says I do.

But now — forget it. Between the $10k flower walls, or $2K crystal rock wedding cakes, and another $3K for a videographer with a drone, you’re practically blowing your budget before you even have a vendor contract signed.

So how are girls on a budget starting to plan their big day, in a big way, on a modest budget? We’ve got you. Here are 8 affordable wedding trends you’ll see more of in 2019.


Family Barbeque

For a bride that doesn’t want to overthink her wedding too much, a down to earth cookout with the ones you love can make a fantastic wedding day. After a quick trip to city hall with loved ones in tow, many are calling on relatives or family friends with large backyard properties to host their big day event. Make it easy on your host by offering to hire catering services and possibly renting a tent, so that the cleanup and break down of the ceremony can be no sweat off their back.


All-Inclusive Shop


For the busy bride who wants some of her decisions simplified, consider venues that are small that come with all inclusive deals. Some of these, like the English Manor in New Jersey, offers an off-season package that includes a ceremony, reception, cake, DJ and photographer!


Beers & Cheers

If you’re leaning towards a party less than 100 guests, check out your local breweries or beer hall’s for a venue. When these industrial chic venues, like The Radegast Hall in Brooklyn, are paired with sprigs of fresh greenery and the romance of your gown, you’ll be the one wedding that your guest can’t stop talking about for years and years to come.


That Yacht Life

Grab a bunch of motion sickness bracelets for your guests, and bring them on the voyage of a lifetime. Perfect for those who love to get down and celebrate big, these cruises can often pack up to 1,200 people for a good 5-hour wedding event. Cost per person usually averages around $100 per head, which often includes the venue rental prices, open bar, and more.


Explore the Zagat Guide

Your favorite restaurant might be able to do more for you then just deliver on Seamless with great reviews. Some of your favorite places might be willing to close up shop or give you the upstairs floor to celebrate your big event. Restaurants often offer a great menu you can trust, and decor that you can appreciate (save on those flowers!)


Support Local Women


For a venue with charm and historical meaning, try scouting out local women’s clubs for your big day. Often filled with sweeping arched ceilings or romantic brick walls, these properties often offer great venue prices to celebrate your memorable event. Some will even give you a tax cut because of their non-profit status!


Block Party

We almost considered this for our wedding, but couldn’t imagine our parent’s not killing us. If you really want to throw a huge celebration, consider having a block party. Cities will help you find the appropriate street to shut down for your big day, which you can then fill up with food trucks, bouncy houses and all the party games you can think of.


Be Bookworms

Who wouldn’t want to get married surrounded by the words of Walt Whitman, Pablo Neruda, and Dumbledore? If you want an intimate experience for your big day, try a local bookstore in your state. Since many are known to do readings and events, they’re often familiar with local vendors who can pull off your big day in their romantic spaces. Some even come prepared with the perfect mood lighting, like the Housing Works Bookstore in Soho.

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