7 Afro-Latina Spiritual Rituals to Do for the New Year

Afro-Latina spiritual rituals HipLatina

I remember one early December waking up to water slipping underneath my bedroom door. I was twelve and it was seven in the morning on a Saturday. My Latina mom was up and she had officially begun her end of the year cleaning which entailed everything from washing walls, cleaning the entire house, and re-painting before Christmas. The sounds of the broom whooshing water out of the house was a wake-up call for her children to get on board with preparations.

I used to be so annoyed then. Why? Why on the weekend would she be up so early? What inspired the cleaning frenzy? Now I know that my mama knew best.

You cannot start the New Year with a dirty house and without setting an intention for what one hopes to bring home as the solar year shifts. Here I share some of my mama’s and elders’ wisdom to help us transition gracefully into 2020. 




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