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8 Afro-Latina Writers Who Should Be on Your Radar

Afro-Latinas are grossly underrepresented in Latina culture, despite being a big part of it. Fortunately there are plenty of people in the Afro-Latinx community who are making sure their voices are heard. These eight Afro-Latina authors are ensuring there is diversity in literature and sharing their stories for the world to read.

Maria Fermina dos Reis

Photo: Papel, Palavra, Coração.

Maria Fermina dos Reis is considered to have written the first abolitionist novel in Brazil. Her book, Ursula, which touched on the life of Afro-Brazilians in slavery, is also considered to be the first novel by a black woman (some say she was the first female Brazilian writer).

Veronica Chambers

Photo: Latina

Born in Panama and raised in Brooklyn, author Veronica Chambers wrote the critically-acclaimed memoir Mama’s Girl, about her relationship with her mother. She has also co-authored several successful books, and was a senior editor at the New York Times Magazine, Glamour, and Newsweek.

Sulma Arzu-Brown

Photo: Sulma Arzu-Brown/LinkedIn

Afro-Hondureña Sulma Arzu-Brown is known for her book, Bad Hair Does Not Exist!/Pelo Malo No Existe!, a children’s story that reminds young girls that all hair is beautiful. She also was the Executive Director of the Garifuna Coalition, USA Inc., (“whose mission is to serve as an advocate, a resource and a forum for the Garifuna people living in New York City”), and is the Vice President of Operations for the New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Teresa Cárdenas

Photo: Pinterest

Teresa Cárdenas is an Afro-Cuban poet, and writer. Her books include Oloyou, Letters to My Mother, and Old Dog.

Maria Teresa Ramirez Nieva


Afro-Colombiana Maria Teresa Ramirez Nieva is a poet, essayist, and author. Her published books include La noche de mi piel, Albalenga, and Flor de Palenque.

Raquel Cepeda

Photo: @raquelcepeda/Instagram

Harlem-born Dominican Raquel Cepeda wears many hats. In addition to being a writer, she is also a filmmaker, podcaster, award-winning journalist, and cultural activist. Her books include Bird of Paradise: How I Became Latina.

Lucia Charún-Illescas

Photo: Estudios Sobre Literatura Afroperuana

Afro-Peruana Lucia Charún-Illescas is the author of the book Malambo (her first novel). It is a work of historical fiction, focusing on the Afro-Peruvian experience in 16th and 17th century Peru.

Luz Argentina Chiriboga

Photo: Tumblr

Luz Argentina Chiriboga is an Afro-Ecuadorian poet and author, known for her book Bajo la piel de los tambores and short story “El Cristo de la mirada baja.” Her work not only looks at Afro-Latinos, but specifically women and their realities, from a woman’s perspective.

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