Photo: Unsplash/@lelacag

Aguardiente Sour Cocktail Recipe

Bill’s latest excursion to Colombia

When I was in Colombia, they were all about the aguardiente sour, which luckily paired decently with my fave mixer of agua con gas. And there’s even a sugar free version if you’re worried about the calories! I had hoped to chat with one of the bartenders during the viaje to ask about the mysterious world of aguardiente based cocktails, but unfortunately most bars I frequented were more focused on the fiesta than the mixology lessons. If the bartender was able to decipher any word that I said over the reggaeton blasting in the background, I figured the communication had been a success.

But now that I’ve had some time to research, I found a concoction that’s a bit more sophisticated. Did you really think I would leave you with an aguardiente soda as your cocktail of the month to taste? The aguardiente sour is a classic Colombian cocktail that you can enjoy when you have time to sit and savor it—free from the distractions of any perreando on the dance floor.

Here’s how it’s done: