Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is Obsessed with Skincare Just Like the Rest of Us

I’ve become so obsessed with skincare in recent years, it’s practically a hobby

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I’ve become so obsessed with skincare in recent years, it’s practically a hobby. I not only look forward to my trips to Sephora but I genuinely get excited about washing and moisturizing my face. My skincare routine has become self-care/self-love time for me so when I learned that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also digs a nice step-by-step skin care regimen — I was hyped. Not just because she loves skincare, but because I was dying to know how she maintains that glowy complexion of hers.

There is a lot to love about AOC. The 29-year-old Congresswoman and Puerto Rican Bronx native isn’t just the youngest woman to work in congress — impressively enough — but she also isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo in government. One of the ways she does that is by intentionally and unapologetically embracing her boldness, feminity, and individuality in political environments that still try to control how women look and present themselves publicly.

For fellow Latinas especially, we all shouted a big YASSSS when we started noticing her sporting a deep-red lipstick everywhere, which she later admitted was It’s Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in “Beso.” We were touched when she chose to wear a braid in Congress to honor her Afro-Latina roots. Homegirl took it a step further rocking her signature red lips and big gold hoop earrings to her inauguration proving women — even women of color — can occupy space just as we are. A lot of us look up to AOC in many ways from her politics, to her social justice activism, her honesty, her boldness — and YES her beauty ways too.

In fact, it looks like quite a few peeps had already been reaching out to Ocasio-Cortez on social media asking her to reveal her skincare secret and because she’s AOC, she didn’t just deliver but she legit broke down her routine step-by-step.

“Skincare is a straight up hobby of mine,” she wrote. “I’m a science nerd, and I truly enjoy the science of it, reading about compounds and studies, etc.” After looking through Ocasio’s routine, I realized that we actually have the same EXACT skincare regimen which proves I’m definitely doing something right. Not to mention, I definitely see a change in my skin and breakouts when I stick to this exact regimen.

AOC, like a lot of the skincare-obsessed — myself included of, course —  is all about the doubling cleansing.

“I experiment a lot w/skincare & tools like face brushes and other things. I try to do a face mask or eye patch or something extra like that every once in a while. I consider my approach a blend between K-beauty and scientific consensus,” she wrote. She starts off by cleansing with a balm or oil to melt off her makeup and then follows with a soapy cleanser to thoroughly wash her face.

She also cuts out dairy to keep her complexion clear but will still have it on occasion.

“My mom used to break out a lot in her 20s so she taught me since I was a kid to not touch my face much or rest my face on my open hand a lot,” she wrote. “Random but (shrugs shoulders emoji). A few years ago I kept breaking out and I tried cutting out dairy and my skin issues went away. I’ll still have dairy today but much less of it.”

On the days she just doesn’t have the energy to head to the sink, Ocasio-Cortez opts for makeup remover wipes. Going to sleep with makeup on is no longer optional for her.

“I also use a face brush or makeup towel when I’m being good. But also sometimes I just use a nice face wipe before bed,” she wrote. “NO ALCOHOL in your wipes (or in any skincare products). But GET IT OFF your face. We’ve all slept in makeup. The wipes are a really good place to start if this is a bad habit. She follows with a toner (that of course, has no alcohol) and then applies one of her favorite active serums — either one with retinol or vitamin C. I do the exact same but since my skin is more on the sensitive side, I usually opt for a vitamin C that’s gentle enough not to cause any irritation but strong enough to brighten my complexion and fade away dark spots.

Lastly, AOC doesn’t play when it comes to sun protection. After moisturizing she makes sure to apply an SPF — no matter what.

“Use a moisturizer that works with your skin. I find moisturizer to be one of the most personal steps bc everyone’s skin is different and it’s like finding jeans that fit. Then: SUNSCREEN! The most important thing. I’ve been using daily sunscreen since I was 19. I’ve been bad about it lately & can tell the difference.”

So there you have it ladies, AOC’s complete skincare regimen. If you’re wondering what her makeup and nail situation is like, well she actually prefers to keep it simple but only opting for tinted moisturizer, mascara and her signature red lips. She also loves herself a good press-on nail set.

We know what she does for self-care and we know most of her beauty tips, crossing my fingers she shares a bit about her fitness in the upcoming days too!

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