Without Running For Another Primary Election, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Still Won

The people want Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as their leader, and they’re not going to accept any one else. The 28-year-old socialist democrat that surprisingly won a primary election last month against Democratic incumbent Joe Crowley in the NY-14 Congressional district has won another primary election, which she didn’t even run for.

Last night, the 15th congressional district held its own primary election and Ocasio-Cortez beat Bronx Rep. Jose Serrano. The New York Daily News report that out of the 22 people who were written in the ballot, Ocasio-Cortez had the most with nine write-ins. They also note that writing in a candidate isn’t out of the normal, however, a candidate winning because of a write-in doesn’t happen.

According to ABC News, no one was technically running for that district, this is because voters were encouraged to “submit their preferred candidates as a way to bring attention to what they say are broken election laws governing primaries in New York State.” That is how Ocasio-Cortez got the most write-ins.

However, just because she won that election, doesn’t mean Ocasio-Cortez will take that seat.

“Shockingly — and I’m told this is not a joke — we have ALSO won a primary in the neighboring 15th Congressional District via write-in campaign on the Reform line!,” she tweeted. “While I am honored that so many Bronxites are excited about our campaign, I will remain the Dem nominee for NY-14.”

Rep. Serrano and the the New York City Board of Elections have yet to comment on the startling turn of events.

Last night’s win for Ocasio-Cortez proves she’s a candidate to be reckoned with whether the Democratic Party wish to acknowledge her or not. Some critics have said Ocasio-Cortez win against Crowley was just a fluke and that she has no real standing power against other elections. Well, the people have spoken and will continue to do so.




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