5 Tips to Find Time Alone Even When You’re Coupled Up

I’m a self-described extrovert — which means that I “recharge” my energy by hanging around other people. It’s one of the things that my partner and I most struggle with, me being an extrovert who is in love with an introvert. But we make things work because we love and are committed to each other. The thing that might surprise you to find out, though, is that I sometimes need my alone time, too. It might not be as much as my partner… but alone time, even when in a happy relationship, is necessary for both introverts and extroverts.

The truth is that no matter which personality type you are, having alone time is often good for you. Although the amount of alone time any individual needs varies from person to person and couple to couple, there’s nothing wrong with getting a break from people and hanging out solo. You’d never let your partner tell you that you can’t hang out with your friends, right? So the same goes when you (or they) need some alone time ASAP. In order to find some alone time while in a relationship while keeping the peace, here are five ideas on how to handle it well.

1. Tell your sweetie that you having alone time is actually good for the relationship.

The easiest thing to do is to communicate clearly that you need alone time and, ultimately, why. Make sure that your partner knows that this has nothing to do with them or the health of the relationship, and only to do with your individual needs. Instead of saying something like “I need space,” which can sound like you’re running away, say “I need some alone time to recharge and come back to being the best version of me and the best partner I can hope to be.”




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