What It’s Like to Date an Introvert When You’re an Extrovert

I am in what is by far the best relationship of my entire life.

My partner is kind, supportive and loving in every way that I have always dreamed about—which is just one of the many, many reasons that I am going to be walking down the aisle with him soon. Whenever I am freaking out, he is there to help me calm down. When I am having a crisis at work, he coaches me to step away from whatever it is that is causing me stress and look at the situation in a new light (which always works, by the way). And, most of all, he believes, as I do, in creating a healthy and happy home as a team.

Our relationship is built on good communication and a solid belief in being equal team members and partners, which makes me grateful to have found him every single day. But there is one thing about my relationship that may seem like it is less-than-ideal from the outside: I am an extrovert and my husband-to-be is an introvert. Although our relationship sometimes proves to need more work in order to figure this part out, my life has definitely changed for the better ever since I fell in love with an introvert. Here’s how.




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