Amara La Negra’s 9 Most Inspiring Quotes on Being an Afro-Latina

Amara La Negra has never been afraid to speak out about the need for more Afro-Latina representation in mainstream media. She continues to dominate the conversation surrounding Black Latinos and why it is important that we see Latinx people of all skin colors in our movies, television shows, and in our music culture. Now the VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Miami star is getting real with the ladies of FOX’s daytime talk show, The Real, and calling out the fact that we don’t see Latinas like her.

In the past, Amara La Negra has talked about how her mom helped her embrace her blackness and the way that colorism plays a role in  her life, noting that her life is very different because she has darker skin. During the “ChitChat” segment on The Real, she once again questions why we don’t see more Afro-Latinas in the media. As an outspoken advocate for herself and better Latinx representation, we love what she has to say. Here are Amara La Negra’s nine most inspirational quotes about being Afro-Latina today.

1. On why we need more Afro-Latino representation.

“I’ve had it all. I mean, it’s hard because — and I always mention these women, they’re amazing women, and I admire them, I really do — but it’s unfortunate that when you talk about Latinos, you talk about Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Sofia Vergara, Thalia. You talk about these women that look a certain type of way but you never mention women that look like myself. And there isn’t a Latin country where you don’t have Afro-Latinos. Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Honduras, it doesn’t matter where you go, there’s black people. But why aren’t we portrayed in the magazines? Why aren’t we in movies? Why aren’t we in novelas or soap operas? What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I represent what a Latina woman should look like? That’s really what bothers me. I feel that it’s sad for the new generation coming up because they don’t have anyone to admire within their own community that’s doing well. That they can be like: One day I want to be like her. There’s nothing, literally, they just act make it seem like we don’t exist.”




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