Shakira as a Songwriter: 10 Songs You Should Be Obsessed With

Sure, you know Shakira as the blonde, hip-shaking, yodeling Colombiana. She is fun, talented, and an accomplished Latina. But did you know she is also an exceptional songwriter? Her first album, Magia, featured songs she wrote from the ages of 8-12, and she has been writing musical poetry ever since. It’s crazy to think that someone with such a natural gift considered that her music career might be over. Yup! Before releasing her latest album, El Dorado, Shakira “thought [she] was never going to make good music again.” Considering the success of recent singles “Chantaje” and “Me Enamoré,” it’s safe to say she definitely still has what it takes to make bangers.

Because of Shakira’s reign as a musical icon, some of her talent has been buried under the gloss of pop stardom, and many in the public don’t know just how involved Shakira is in her creative process. Here, we introduce you to 10 songs that showcase Shakira as the poet she has always been (as writer or co-writer). (All lyrics are in English – some have been translated.)

“Octavo Día”

In this tune which was part of Shakira’s 1998 album, Dónde Están los Ladrones?, and was co-written with Luis Fernando Ochoa, the singer/songwriter ponders what God found when he returned to check on the earth after his day of rest.

If for lack of occupation/Or excessive solitude/God could not resist more/And he would go away to another place

It would be our doom/There would be no other remedy but/To worship Michael Jackson/Bill Clinton or Tarzan

It is harder to be a king without a crown/than a more normal person.

Poor God that does not appear in magazines./He is neither a model nor an artist or from a royal family.




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