Ana Navarro Hilariously Files Nails on CNN During Debate on Trump Jr.

Ana Navarro never ceases to amaze us

Photo: Unsplash/@daiga_ellaby

Photo: Unsplash/@daiga_ellaby

Ana Navarro never ceases to amaze us. The political talking head appeared on CNN once again to debate the Trump Administration — particularly Donald Trump Jr.’s offensive Instagram comment about the wall. Annoyed about having to speak about Trump’s son and pissed that former Trump adviser Steve Cortes continued to question her party affiliation, Navarro put a stop to the discussion — sort of!

Navarro, a Republican CNN pundit who’s been against Trump’s policies and his anti-immigrant rhetoric from the very beginning, appeared on “Cuomo Prime Time” along with Cortes and was undoubtedly irritated by the debate topic. Chris Cuomo brought up the outrageous comment from Donald Jr. in which he said on Instagram (and has now been deleted), “You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo? Because walls work.”

Navarro said she could care less what Donald Jr. had to say because “At the end of the day, Donald Trump Jr. and whatever he says — can I just file my nails?” Navarro asked and then actually begins to file her nails.

“I mean, this is an entitled, rich, spoiled little brat whose only call to fame is being his daddy’s son. Who hasn’t built anything of his own, who hasn’t done anything of his own, who is somehow trying to hang on to the fame of his father in order to have some level of relevancy,” she adds.

But she didn’t stop filing her nails there. She filed her nails later in the segment as well when Cortes proclaimed her to be a leftist because she doesn’t agree with the Trump Administration.

“You do your nails. You know who can’t do their nails? Are people who have been killed, Ana, by dangerous, known illegal aliens who have been allowed to stay in this country because of the leftist policies that people like you promote in so-called sanctuary cities,” Cortes said.

Navarro retorted by saying: “I’m so tired of you calling me leftist already just because you want to compromise your values,”  and closed by saying that Cortes “is as irrelevant as Donald Trump Jr.” Do not come for Ana Navarro, ever! Here’s the clip below.

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