17 Tweets That Prove Ana Navarro Won Twitter This Year

Nicaraguan-American Republican strategist and political commentator Ana Navarro is one of our political superheroes

Photo: Wikimedia/DC Central Kitchen

Photo: Wikimedia/DC Central Kitchen

Nicaraguan-American Republican strategist and political commentator Ana Navarro is one of our political superheroes. She says all the things we think (and yell at the TV) about Trump and his administration. She is articulate, assertive, and takes no mess. She also has no reservation about reminding everyone that you do not interrupt a Latina and you definitely don’t try to mansplain to her.

Naturally, her Tweets are fire. She says what needs to be said at the moment. Take a look at 17 great tweets that prove that Ana Navarro owned Twitter this year.

Ana Navarro is completely upfront about how she feels about a Trump presidency.


No time for cat-fights.


When former The Real World: San Francisco star, Fox News contributor, and fellow Latina Republican Rachel Campos-Duffy called Ana Navarro a “fake news Republican,” Navarro didn’t give her the satisfaction of taking the bait, or giving her more airtime.


‘Upset’ is an understatement.


Navarro cut right to the chase when she accused Republicans of having watered-down, “upset” feelings towards Trump.


Sore losers get called out.

When it comes to calling out people she’s opposed to, she doesn’t hold back and we love her for it.


Spell-checking the leader of the free world.

Some of Ana’s best tweets are direct replies to Trump tweets. In this trifecta of awesome, she threw the shade by correcting a spelling error in his tweet, calling him out for dodging the draft four times, and not understanding the true meaning of healing.


Calling it what it is.

Sometimes, someone just needs to list the facts, so that they are there, in everyone’s face, for people to digest and make conclusions from themselves.


When the numbers don’t lie…

On top of stating facts, Navarro’s tweets also include a dose of humor.


A disappointing wake up call.

In the wake of the onslaught of women professing their #MeToo moments, Navarro continues to put pressure on Trump who has been accused by many women of sexual misconduct, but hasn’t been held accountable.


Latinos unite!


In this tweet, Ana Navarro joined forces with distinguished journalist Jorge Ramos to list some of the ways Donald Trump has shown racism and discrimination towards Latinos.


Rescue dog for PRESIDENT!


Ana Navarro gave a shout out to the amazing and heroic rescue dogs in Mexico, while also shading the lack of decent leadership in the Republican party.


Pay attention to Puerto Rico!

When Trump tweets things that don’t matter, or deflect from real issues, Navarro is there to point that out.


A boss lady’s to do list.

Like all of us, Navarro is a woman about her business and she’s got her priorities in order.


Indictment Bingo

When we finally learned who around Donald Trump was to be indicted first, Navarro was shocked it wasn’t the numerous other people on this indictment bingo card.

wp_*postsNo hate, no fear – hypocrites not welcome here!

The truth isn’t just reserved for Trump. Navarro also calls out anyone else who deserves to be put on blast, including evangelist and son of Billy Graham, William Franklin Graham, for being a man of faith who is standing up for a predator.


Let’s hold politicians accountable.


Ana Navarro tweeted about an opinion piece she wrote for CNN, where she calls out the double standard of sexual harassment in politics.


Washington has a sexual harassment problem. 


Ana gets more specific about the sexual harassment double standard in this tweet. She roll calls men in media and Hollywood who have been called out and fired from their jobs for inappropriate behavior, in close proximity to the names of the men in politics who have not.


Country over party!

Most importantly, we love that Navarro – who is indeed a Republican – is not afraid to stand up and call her fellow Republicans out for their hypocrisy in choosing party over country.

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