Photo: Wikimedia/DC Central Kitchen

This Could Be Ana Navarro’s Best Take Down of a Donald Trump Supporter

Ever since the election of President Donald Trump, there’s only one person that has helped us survive the ongoing stress of watching the news on TV. Her name is Ana Navarro. If you’ve ever watched CNN, then you know what we’re talking about. Navarro is one of the very few women that constantly uses her educated mouth to take down Trump’s ridiculousness and that of his supporters. We tune in to CNN just for her. She says what we’re all thinking but are either to afraid to say or don’t have a place to say it.

She has a brilliant way of speaking her mind, being direct, but never is crass or uneducated in her views. The way she can balance it all is remarkable on its own. Because if you think about it, how can anyone truly analyze a person like Trump without feeling crazy themselves? Whatever Navarro’s secret is to keeping it together while simultaneously ripping him a new one is pure magic. And this week she did it once again.

On Tuesday, Trump spoke at a rally in Phoenix, Arizona. Navarro live-tweeted the speech, and like most of watching were bewildered by the words of the President. His speech literally made no sense. He was all over the place and Navarro responded to that.

Last night, Navarro was again defending the fact that Trump even hinting at pardoning former sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks to his racist views.

In a heated exchange between her and conservative panelist Ed Martin, Navarro interjected by stating that her views are American. Watch below:

Not only did she slay against Martin by saying that being pro-Hispanic and pro-immigrant does not make her non-American, she also made sure Martin backed off.

How many times have we’ve wanted to tell a man to “back off, creep” but can never find the courage? Navarro proved that it’s perfectly okay to stand your ground whether you’re on a street corner or on CNN.

Thank you, Ana for being our voice!