Mexican Voice-Over Actress Andrea Arruti Dead at 21

Mexican voice-over actress Andrea Arruti died earlier this month at the age of 21

Photo: Instagram/andyarruti

Photo: Instagram/andyarruti

Mexican voice-over actress Andrea Arruti died earlier this month at the age of 21. Her family stated that Arruti died of respiratory complications. News of her death is trickling out this week as family, friends, and collaborators have expressed their condolences on social media. Arruti lent her voice to a slew of animated films, however, her most prominent role was as the Spanish voice of Elsa in Disney’s Frozen

On Jan. 14, her family released the statement: “On behalf of the family of Andy Arruti we extend a sincere thanks for the affection and solidarity after her death in a hospital in this city. After seeing some speculation about what happened, both in the media and in social networks, we want to point out that Andrea died due to a respiratory complication that weakened her body during the last months. Throughout this period it was sought for their well-being and was duly attended by specialists. For her part, she did everything in her power to meet her health status and fulfill her family, school and professional commitments in a normal way. Andrea was an exemplary person who had no addiction and those who knew her can realize that she was always a cheerful young woman.”

We appeal to your understanding at this difficult time and ask you in the most attentive way to allow us to take the duel remembering her as the luminous person she was.”

Aside from acting, Arruti was a dancer and was seen collaborating with her sister Tamara Arruti who is also a respected dancer and choreographer. In the video below taken in 2018, the two sisters are seen dancing in unison. 

A friend and fellow actor Emilio Treviño paid tribute to Arruti on his Instagram account, saying, “No doubt sometimes life surprises us in strong and unexpected ways … look for a reason or why it is absurd because they are answers that we will never really have and I do not expect to have them. However, I think that today it is more important to remember all those beautiful things that I lived with you … because those are the ones that really matter at the end of everything.”

He added, “We grew up together … so many shared experiences and dreams that I don’t know where to start. Thank you for all the nights talking about our dreams and how we would reach them…Thank you for living with me a love story so unconditional, magical, sincere, fun and vulnerable when we recorded “Anne with an E” …. listening to you in each shot was very special for me. No doubt that character reflected much of you. You know you will always be my only and irreplaceable Anne❤️.”

Other voice-over films that Arruti worked on included Anne with an EMy Little PonyPhineas y Ferb and, League of Legends. 

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