Anuel AA and Karol G Are Getting Married This Year!
Photo: Instagram/anuel_aa_0fficial
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Anuel AA and Karol G Are Getting Married This Year!

Ever since they first started dating, reggaeton artists Anuel AA and Karol G have never been shy when it comes to publicly displaying their affection for each other. These two are ALL about the PDA. There’s evidence of that on their Instagram feeds alone. But they also take their time when it comes to confirming things. It took them months to actually confirm they were a couple despite the hardcore photographic evidence and it took Karol G appearing at the Billboard’s Latin Music Awards this past spring with a ring on her finger for us to know they got engaged. But it appears that the happy couple has finally set a date for the wedding. We still don’t know exactly when but they officially confirmed on IG that it will definitely happen this year!

On January 1st — New Years Day — Anuel posed a super adorable photo of him with his arms wrapped around Karol who is seen rocking her engagement ring. But the caption is really what said it all. “Cuantos de ustedes quieren boda?????” he wrote.


Karol posted a photo of them that appears to be taken the same day (because same clothes and same staircase) with the caption that reads: “La cara que tiene mi 2020. Que sea el año de todos y que dios nos bendiga!!!”


Again, we still don’t know the date — or even the month yet — but considering the little Karol has shared about her dream wedding, it might turn out to be a super-private ceremony we will only learn to find out after the fact.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight back in August — one of the very few times Karol spoke about their future wedding — she opened up about how her dream wedding would actually be super simple.

I think I want something super simple, something natural, something small,” she had shared. To be honest, I haven’t thought about the specific things because I want everything to be super simple and natural as possible.”

I’m imagining them having a private surprise wedding similar to how Jennifer Aniston and her second husband Justin Theroux got married. They invited 70 guests to what they thought was Theroux’s 44th birthday party at their Bel Air Home and that’s when everyone learned that they were basically being invited to their wedding. I can totally see Anuel and Karol G doing something like that but on an island. A beach wedding with Karol in a gorgeous but simple dress. Regardless, it looks like we’re going to have to just wait and see.