Anuel AA Says Ivy Queen is Not the Queen of Reggaeton

Ivy Queen is the queen of Reggaeton, period

Photo: Flickr/Ray Villalobos

Photo: Flickr/Ray Villalobos

Ivy Queen is the queen of Reggaeton, period. Her decades-long record speaks for itself. There is one sorry of a man that is coming for the Puerto Rican artist. Anuel AA, considered a pioneer of the Latin trap scene, said on social media that Ivy Queen is not deserving of the title, Queen of Reggaeton because she hasn’t had a hit song in seven years.

That kind of disrespect didn’t go over well, not with Latin music artists, not with reggaeton fans, and certainly not with the queen herself.

Ivy Queen took to social media to address Anuel AA and his appalling remarks.

“I made lots of sacrifices to build the foundation for a bridge that women walk on today,” Ivy Queen said on Twitter. “Always advocating for women’s unity and supporting new talent. I’m surprised by this disrespect. [I feel] total indignation!”

She also told him on Instagram, “Do I have to remind you where I come from? Culicagao, you don’t want to mess with la reina!!!”

Artists and fans alike are checking Anuel AA’s complete ignorance, and one of them is Calle 13’s Residente.

He told his followers, and newcomers in Latin urban music, that artists must recognize the struggle and hard work that those before have put in. He said the only reason new artists are where they are today is because of artists that came before them, and they must show them respect.

Anuel AA did say who deserves the title of queen of Reggaeton today, and that would be his girlfriend Colombian artist Karol G. How convenient.

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