AOC Is the Fourth Most Tweeted Politicians of 2019

Since the first day Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stepped on the public stage of politics, she had a star quality on social media. It’s one of the reasons her campaign was victorious. She’s a social media darling that understands how to use her platform for the greater good. With one tweet or one Instagram-story, she can take down anyone or anything all in the name of democracy. So, it makes complete sense that she’s on the top ten list of the most popular politicians on Twitter, or we should say, one of the most tweeted politicians on Twitter.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez didn’t just make the top ten, but the top five! No. 1 went to President Trump because let’s face it, he tweets more than anyone and gets everybody riled up. The No. 2 spot went to former President Barack Obama, because, of course. No. 3 went to Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India, because please excuse our ignorance on the matter. And, in No. 4, came the great Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. Insane! But also, not a surprise. She’s controversial. She speaks her mind and people she has fans on both political sides, sort of. If Dems love and Republicans hate her, either way, they’re both talking about on Twitter.

Here’s just a couple of reasons/tweets that makes Rep. Ocasio-Cortez a star on Twitter.




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