3 Helpful Apps Every Undocumented Immigrant Should Have in Their Phone

Panic has become the subtle current of emotion throughout immigrant communities across the United States

Photo: Unsplash/@williamtm

Photo: Unsplash/@williamtm

Panic has become the subtle current of emotion throughout immigrant communities across the United States. The current political climate has forced many undocumented immigrants to stay in the shadows, making it difficult for people to seek and receive the support they may need. This type of isolation can be detrimental to maintaining a good quality of life. However, app creators are trying to help fill the void. 

Ever the problem solver, technology provides unlimited opportunities for information and connectivity. There have been several articles that have come out recently listing various apps that could be helpful for undocumented immigrants. I tested the apps to verify which ones are currently functioning and could be most helpful. Below are the three go-to apps I verified to be free, available immediately, and could be helpful in connecting undocumented immigrants with support and resources.

Arrive.Us App for undocumented immigrants

Photo: Arrived.Us

Arrived.Us – An app that provides a large menu of options in terms of information, emergency support, and connection to other groups that can help. What I did not like about this app was that before you could use it, the user has to agree to a disclaimer, which is written all in English. This may be scary for some people who do not read English well and don’t know what they might be agreeing to by pushing the button. Get past that and you will have access to all of the apps information. Note: The app is all in English. There may be some tutorials given to people who do not read English well before they can use it. The latest version allows people to alert their families members if they’ve been detained by ICE and even drop a pin for their last location. 


Get Cell 411 app

Photo: Get Cell 411

Get Cell 411 – According to their website, “this is the app that allows you to issue and respond to emergencies from your family, friends and neighbors in real time.” This app was not developed for undocumented immigrants, however it’s purpose serves their needs. And recently it has added additional things that can be helpful to undocumented immigrants.  


whatsapp for undocumented immigrants

Photo: What’s App

What’s App – A free way to keep in contact with people all across the globe. What makes What’sApp unique is that the messages can be erased. This makes for a great way to communicate sensitive information without compromising anyone’s anonymity.

For further reading on some of the other apps being developed to help undocumented immigrants you can check out CNN.com and Mashable.com.

In these times it is best to be informed and kind, ready to help someone in need. There are a lot of people who feel unsure about their place in society and providing this kind of information to them goes a long way. Please share this information far and wide with those in your networks.

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