Conjure Up Your Inner Warrior this Aries New Moon

In a reality where you can physically feel the weight of apprehension in the air, humanity is in need of spinning the wheel of fortune

Aries New Moon

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In a reality where you can physically feel the weight of apprehension in the air, humanity is in need of spinning the wheel of fortune. This new moon in Aries will cleanse that precariousness. New moons are a lunar phase representing the beginning of new cycles. Take the ram’s lead and tackle your fear(s) head-on with the support of this Aries new moon on March 24th.

This Aries new moon will be a turn of the tides as we exit the watery Piscean energy and into action-oriented Mars. Mars is the ruling planet of the fire sign Aries, and this marks the beginning of the astrological year as we stampede our way into the first sign of the zodiac wheel.

Key themes for this new moon are fertility, love, manifestation, and the warrior spirit. This is the season of Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec God of Sun and War. Symbolically, from Easter’s association of eggs and rabbits (symbols of fertility) to the celebration of Spring Equinox as the marking of the Persian New Year; one thing is evident: this is a time of renewal after the cleansing of the land.

After war comes the necessity to rebuild. This is a new moon that requires the planting of new seeds in order to bring about the harvest of hope. Aries, the God of War, understands that a true leader must position himself on the forefront alongside fellow warriors. This is a new moon not of physical war, but spiritual war – finding where we are at odds within ourselves.

With six planets in Earth energy, it is no surprise that we have done major work as a human race over the last four months. It’s time to look within by way of this Aries new moon. You will be called to conjure up strength, gather insight, and propel transformation as a direct result manifested from the womb of ambition.

Blast Ariana Grande’s “Be Alright,” put your hair in a bun, and take a front seat into the steering wheel of your life. It’s no more, “Jesus, take the wheel” amid all this chaos and fear-driven narrative from the controlled mass communications and media. The time is now. Decide how you are going to embody your inner warrior spirit as you navigate these moments of adversity. Aries is captivating, impulsive, and philosophical. Tap into these energies this lunar cycle as you find yourself inspired to manifest a new reality in this Earth plane. Mars (the ruling planet of Aries) is building a steady fort in Capricorn (another leadership sign). Plant your feet firmly to the ground and root yourself in a new perception. Conjure up your higher self and tap into your divine connection to Spirit as you lead yourself into this new way of thinking.

These next two weeks you will see a shift in empathy and emotional intelligence being called to the forefront on a global scale. How are you adding to this conversation? Are you inspired to give back to your community? Are you answering the call to mentor and lead the youth? Have you discovered a way to help others through the work you produce? Are you becoming a better person simply by embodying your strength? Aries new moon sounds the call of the conch. A calling that rings of action. Where in your life do you need to take action? Where do we as humanity need to rebuild, renew and re-evaluate?

In terms of love, Venus is sitting pretty in Taurus having tea time with Jupiter in Capricorn. Venus is at her best in Taurus, and she doesn’t mind being courted by Jupiter in Capricornian energy. This will influence romantic relationships to blossom. Budding romances will get serious, and existing love will extend deeper as you journey into new levels of intimacy. This is a positive new moon for love and partnerships. This could be a catalyst that leads to those who are single wanting to make things official. Others in committed relationships may find your connection more at ease and embodying lust.

A noteworthy couple to watch is Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. They’re deep soulmates who are paving way for the embodiment of this Aries new moon. In true synchronistic fashion, Harry and Meghan will cease to be working royals on March 31st – just seven days post-Aries new moon. With Harry’s Lilith placement in Aries, this is a pivotal time for him to find his own footing in this world and create a legacy for himself separate from his ancestry and famous mother. One that is in alignment with the new world order of the Age of the Aquarius. Harry and Meghan’s love is cemented in the possibility of living many lifetimes together, and they’ve incarnated in this era to assist with the warrior spirit of breaking away from old patriarchal roles (England royalty) and using their prominence, positions of power, and money to mold a new perception of love and power. It’s no coincidence that Meghan, in fact, has English royal ancestry. She is a royal descendent of King Edward III. The two knew they needed to come together in this lifetime and fulfill the karmic clearing of their bloodlines. This Aries new moon will be significant for the two of them and could quite possibly lead to pregnancy.

For the collective, there will definitely be a generation of “Corona babies.” A new soul group incarnating into this life. With Venus in Taurus, this can influence many couples to begin serious thoughts of creating a family. Like the Baby Boomers, this generation of “Corona babies” will symbolically represent the cycle karma. As above, so below.

May you manifest wisely.

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