Aries Full Moon Will Challenge Your Relationships

Sunday’s full moon in Aries will have you ready to charge ahead in your passionate beliefs

Photo: Courtesy of Esoteric Esa

Photo: Courtesy of Esoteric Esa

Sunday’s full moon in Aries will have you ready to charge ahead in your passionate beliefs. Aries is an energy of independence and leadership, which will spark your inner warrior spirit. Interestingly, the Sun is in Libra, the sign of partnerships, which will add major influence to this full moon. What does this all mean? Expect yourself to be very focused on your personal beliefs, but still consciously aware of how your actions affect your interpersonal relationships.

It is a unique occurrence to experience back to back full moons landing on the divine feminine number of 13. If you recall, we wrapped up a potent Pisces full moon on September 13th, and now we’re expecting the same this October 13th with the Aries full moon. In fact, 2019 has been a year filled with major lunar cycles that have offered up countless opportunities for growth. Expect this full moon in Aries to live up to the same standards.

If you have been working diligently at learning how to create and set healthy boundaries in your relationships then you will certainly be put to the test with this energy. Challenges and conflicts might arise in your relationships: family, romance or work. When there is heavy Mars energy actively involved in the sky, which is the case with this Aries full moon, you can expect everyone to be on edge and ready to release pent up aggression. If you find yourself actively releasing aggression towards those around you, consider it a possible opportunity to reflect upon the root of what is truly triggering that behavior. This will be a full moon that can be cleansing for you by being self-aware of any shadow work that rises for you to work through.

It isn’t all serious business come this Sunday the 13th. There’s a tremendous amount of opportunity to manifest positive change into your life through your newfound ambitious spirit. You will experience a determination that allows you to tap into action propelling you towards the change you want to see in your life. Facing your fears will be a top priority. Whether that means leaving a job you’ve been at for many years in order to finally seek out your dreams or letting go of toxic connections with people in your life, the decision is yours with this full moon in Aries. Although harnessing the courage to make things happen is favored, be mindful of thinking things through. Aries is the ruler of the head (ideas and thoughts), which can sometimes create an impulsive reactive mentality. Be sure to take your time with major decision making, but don’t retreat when your golden opportunity arrives either.

This will be an emotional moon that could possibly reveal sacred shadow aspects of your soul. Seeking expansion will be your soul’s calling over the next two weeks. Balancing your new sense of self and how you translate that into your relationship dynamics will be a productive way of creating alchemy this Aries full moon.

Take into account that there could be headstrong and hostile energy that will influence the collective. If you’re coming across more than your usual encounters with rude people just know it isn’t you, and do not take it personally. This isn’t personal karma being served your way at the moment. It is simply the way in which individuals are unconsciously interacting with the full moon cleansing their shadow aspects. Stay in alignment through spiritual practices such as meditation or productive hobbies. There will be opportunities for you to lose your cool due to outside influences such as shady colleagues wanting to steal your shine in a group project, or finding yourself upset by the car next to you on the 405 freeway who cut you off as you’re headed home in traffic after a long day of being micromanaged by your supervisor. Stay calm and carry on. Don’t sweat it! The key is to not be reactive, otherwise, you’ll be lowering your own vibration. This is a wonderful full moon to practice the art of personal growth in terms of how easily you allow others to dictate your mood. As Emily would state from the “Devil Wears Prada,” repeat after me, “I love my job, I love my job, I love my job…” Just know, the energy will subside and tensions might run high. Steer clear of anything or anyone you know who may strike a nerve of yours if you want to be proactive this Aries full moon.

May you manifest wisely.

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