These Artistic Interpretations of Dia de los Muertos are Everything

Dia de los Muertos is a time to honor and celebrate our loved ones who have passed

Photo: Unsplash/@salva_alt

Photo: Unsplash/@salva_alt

Dia de los Muertos is a time to honor and celebrate our loved ones who have passed. The beautiful festivities come alive each October and November, with brilliant colors, ornate patterns, and intricate artwork. You will see tons of vibrantly-colored flowers; sweet sugar skulls; and several Calavera Catrinas, the female skeleton of Dia de los Muertos, based on a zinc etching by Jose Guadalupe Posada.

These Catrinas will have on the most glorious headdresses, and stunning makeup. Everything you see will be an artistic and cultural homage to the Aztec and Maya, and a love letter to Mexico, and beyond. It’s all a beautiful way to show love for family, friends, and heroes on the other side. The following people showed off their artistic creativity, and fueled our Latinx pride, with their own interpretations of Dia de los Muertos.

The Headdresses of All Headdresses by Paulina

You have probably seen endless interpretations of Day of the Dead headdresses, but these are absolutely show stopping. Created by Paulina, they are huge, bold, and exaggerated, and take everything associated with Dia de los Muertos headdresses to another level.

Glow in the Dark Day of the Dead Nails via Color Street

Day of the Dead nails are so cute, and a fun way to rep for the culture. These nail polish strips by Color Street save you time by already coming with great artwork, and an easy application method. Added bonus? They also glow in the dark!

Day of the Dead Tattoo by Richard Stokes

Tattoos take the things you love and cherish the most, and make them a permanent part of your body, something you carry with you always. This Day of the Dead tat by Richard Stokes is gorgeous, and so lifelike, that she looks like she might walk right off this person’s skin.

Open Locket Open Love Aretes by Viva Las Calaveras

The concept of these Viva Las Calaveras earrings is so cool. Not only are they festooned with pretty flowers, but they hold photos of your loved ones, making them perfect for Dia de los Muertos.

Catrina Cake by Carla Puig

This. Is. A. Cake. Unbelievable, but true. This stunning Catrina cake was part of a class led by cake designer Carla Puig.

La Calavera Catrina Sketch by Jennifer Jean Rodriguez

Can you believe this started as a practice sketch? The lifelike La Calavera Catrina artwork by Jennifer Jean Rodriguez shows so much vibrancy, emotion, and cultural pride.

Nopalera Goddess Headdress and Makeup by RAGGEDYTIFF (Jessica Resendiz)

This headdress and makeup by Jessica Resendiz of RAGGEDYTIFF is stunningly beautiful for two reasons. One, the stark white flowers, with pops of green nopales and burros tail, is just as striking as the very colorful interpretations we have seen. It’s glorious, pure, and just seems to glow. The other reason is that this is a painstakingly precise, deliberate, and loving tribute to Jessica’s abuelita, who passed away this March (que en paz descanse).

“Til Death Do Us Part” Portrait by Mars Sandoval and Antonio Pelayo Productions

If you are going to do something creative, give it your all. Don’t half-ass it; if you can go the extra mile, and add those details you think no one will notice, it will make it that much better. The makeup, wardrobe, and overall look of “Til Death Do Us Part,” taken by Mars Sandoval for Antonio Pelayo Productions/El Velorio, shows the result of this line of thinking.

Sally’s Sweets Day of the Dead Cookies

You know we had to include the sugar skull cookies—they’re so cute and show off great detail. These ones by Sally’s Sweets in Houston are so perfect, it’s almost criminal to eat them.

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