Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Pretty Big Deal with Ashley Graham | Season 1 Trailer

Ashley Graham’s New Rag & Bone Campaign Stirs Controversy But Brand Confirms Extended Sizes

You can’t talk about body positivity without mentioning Ashley Graham. Ever since the plus-size model was featured on Sports Illustrated she has become the face of body diversity and has been representing plus-size women in various fashion campaigns.

Ashley Graham’s latest fashion collaboration with Rag & Bone had them both under fire after announcing their latest DIY campaign named after her, Ashley by Ashley. Fans quickly noticed that the site was only carrying jeans up to a size 32 or an American size 10. The confusion and anger was quickly known on social media.


“How is my Ashley sized butt supposed to fit into those jeans,” said an angry fan.

Like many of them I was extremely confused as to why the model who was made famous for representing plus-size women, was now working with a brand that did not carry plus-size clothes. The fear of having brands use body positivity because it’s trendy quickly became a reality. Though, being the extreme optimist that I am, I tried to find the good in this very confusing collaboration.

Having a woman like Ashley Graham, whether or not the brand was carrying extended sizes, seemed like a win. It never hurts to have representation of a plus-size body with such a well-known brand. I was assuming that the backlash would make the brand extend their sizes and would serve as an example to other companies who would want to use body positivity as a gimmick to sell their clothes and not necessarily because they believed in the cause.

HipLatina reached out to Rag & Bone who quickly put the rumors to an end.

Rag & Bone will be introducing a selection of best-selling denim and ready to wear, in extended sizes from November,” said a spokesperson.

Though the sizing range has not been confirmed, we are relieved to know that the brand and model are creating clothes that plus-size women can wear. Take that haters!

What other brands would you like to see extend their sizing?