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Aubrey Plaza to Star as Puerto Rican Wedding Planner in ‘Olga Dies Dreaming’ on Hulu

Aubrey Plaza, 37, has become known for taking on roles that have a little darkness to them so her upcoming starring role in Olga Dies Dreaming seems like the perfect fit. The one-hour drama pilot based on the novel by Xochitl Gonzalez will premiere on Hulu and will also be produced by Plaza, Deadline reported. The series is based on the novel that’s set to be released in 2022 and tells the story of wedding planner Olga who is grappling with her family’s history including her mother’s abandonment. The story is set in New York City in the gentrifying Sunset Park in Brooklyn around the time of Hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico where Olga’s family is from. Plaza, whose father is from Puerto Rico, previously played a character of Puerto Rican descent on Parks & Recreation portraying April Ludgate, her most famous role to date.

Olga Dies Dreaming is Xochitl Gonzalez’s debut novel, who is of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent and grew up in Southern Brooklyn. “So excited to share that the one and only, brilliantly talented, @plazadeaubrey will be bringing Olga Acevedo to life‼️,” Gonzalez wrote in her caption on Instagram. “This character is hilarious and awkward but also sophisticated and tormented and (torturously) tries to fit in to so many different worlds… I can’t wait to see her rock Olga’s Air Force 1’s. (And, fun fact, her dad’s family and my Pop are both from Arecibo 🇵🇷).”

Gonzalez will write the series while Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (American Horror Story: Coven) will direct and they’re also executive producers. Ramón Rodríguez (Gang Related) will star opposite Plaza as her older brother, Prieto, a popular Congressman who is proud of his Puerto Rican roots, Deadline reported. “He grew up playing a part: the cheerful, overachieving, involuntary patriarch of a broken home. He’s lonely and tired, but he wakes up every morning wholly prepared to be the fixer, continuing to present this facade to his constituents and his opponents alike,” Deadline reported.

“From the very first time we spoke, Ramon’s passion for this project and thoughtfulness as an actor just shined so clearly. I know how much heart and soul he’s going to bring to this character who is completely fictional, but who holds such a big space in my heart. (Plus, how cute are him and Aubrey as siblings?),” Gonzalez wrote on Instagram.

The show is currently in development and no release date on Hulu has been announced.