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Bad Bunny Goes Public With Girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri

Social media was ablaze with Bad Bunny fans talking about the social media reveal of his girlfriend of three years, Gabriela Berlingeri, in an Instagram post. This comes after they were photographed in public for the first time at a basketball game on Feb. 28. It’s been three days since he shared the photo and Latinx Twitter was blowing up with comments on their relationship and Gabriela, who keeps a low profile despite dating one of the biggest stars in the world.


Benito, 26, and Gabriela got together a little after he and his girlfriend of five years, Carliz de la Cruz, broke up and though little is known about her that hasn’t stopped fans from discussing her or their relationship. Popular searches on Twitter include “bad bunny y gabriela” and “bad bunny novia fea” reveal mixed emotions  about Benito’s love life and the novia, with both sides feeling passionately one way or the other.


TVAzteca reports that she’s 25 years old and has worked as a model and she and el conejo malo met during a Zion & Lennox concert. Several fans are speculating that she may be the reason Bad Bunny hints at retiring on his latest album, YHLQMDLG,  after releasing a final record in nine months, suggesting a pregnancy. Though neither of them have addressed the speculation publicly, the Puerto Rican star and his novia look undeniably happy in the footage of them sitting courtside at the Dallas Mavericks versus Miami Heat game.

According to a Twitter thread post by @the_badbunnypr she’s been a longtime fan of Bad Bunny and before her Instagram turned private she shared several photos of them together. It also breaks down some of the more tumultuous times in their relationship including when he kissed another woman during a show.

While promoting YHLQMDLG  – the highest-charting Spanish album of all time – he told Entertainment Tonight, “Yeah, I feel love,” then adding he’s “in love.”