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Bad Bunny and J Balvin Drop Day of the Dead-Inspired Music Video

With Halloween and Day of the Dead around the corner, reggeaton superstars Bad Bunny and J Balvin just dropped the music video for their supernatural love song, titled “La Canción,” perfect for the spooky holiday.

Their latest collaboration is unlike anything you’ve heard before. The track is also the second single and music video from Oasis, their collaboration album that they released this summer.

If you’re fans of the pair, you may recall their outlandish set at the MTV VMA’s last month, where they performed “Que Pretendes” in which they wore larger-than-life inflated suits. It was pretty over-the-top, though incredible to witness these mega superstars look as massive as their status and personalities.

With “La Cancion,” we see a toned-down version of Bad Bunny and J Balvin, which is actually kind of refreshing. We’re seeing these talented men showcase their skills in a stripped-down and authentic way, but make no mistake the video is very much a work of art.

The video, directed by Colin Tilley, begins in a ghostly way. An unseen spirit exits the subway station and enters a dark lit club where Bad Bunny and J Balvin are on stage performing. The two are singing to a couple that is slow dancing gracefully and romantically, and while they should be capturing our attention — we can’t get our eyes off Bad Bunny and J Balvin. Both of them are wearing black suits and full-on Day of the Dead-themed makeup, as are the other musicians on stage. Not just that, but J Balvin is also wearing a crown of thorns.

People on social media love the optics and the song, which speaks to a long lost love or the one that got away.

“Thank u for that video and song it’s absolutely beautiful and sad,” @boytoy1221 tweeted. “To know someone that people have loved passed away, and they can’t ever forget them while still trying to carry on with a normal life reaches out to not only me but other people that go through that.”

Very happy to be witnessing all the great music J Balvin & Bad Bunny be putting out,” @_jmoscoso tweeted. And we are too! If this is just the second single from Oasis, we can’t wait for these Latin pop gods to drop some more videos.

Watch the entire video for “La Cancion” below: