Bad Bunny & Joan Smalls Grace the Cover of Vogue Mexico

The coronavirus has made the past couple of weeks a real hell for people all over the world

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Photo: Vogue Mexico

The coronavirus has made the past couple of weeks a real hell for people all over the world. But there is at least one person who’s kicking March in the ass, even while quarantining. Yes, we’re talking about Bad Bunny. Aside from releasing his second studio album, YHLQMDLG, literally on the day, the coronavirus scare hit the U.S, which was impeccable timing for us since we’re on lockdown, he is now gracing the cover of Vogue Mexico

The publication released the cover last night to much fanfare as the spread features two hot Puerto Ricans. Cradling Bad Bunny on the cover is supermodel Joan Smalls. The rest of the photographs are just as epic. 

The video that accompanies the April issues is entirely adorable. When Smalls arrives at the photoshoot, she asks him, “have we met?” Bad Bunny said they had met before but didn’t hang out. She says to him that he was timid at their initial meeting. “Si?” he asked surprisingly, “Si,” she responds. 

What’s so great about the video is we get to see the two stars conversing in Spanish and having a pretty casual conversation about music, modeling, and fashion. The duo also discussed the abundance of talented people from Puerto Rico. 

“You represent what Puerto Rico is all about,” Smalls tells Bad Bunny, “the energy, the joy.” 

Bad Bunny said in his interview that he loves that so many Latinos, regardless of where they’re from, are getting the attention they deserve. 

Latin music is heard more than ever,” he said. “Reggaeton and urban rhythms are taking an important place in the history of music. Those who used to listen to artists like Michael Jackson now recognize other artists of the genre and me. I never imagined singing at the Super Bowl. Even so, without singing in English, it is a movement in which music speaks for itself and connects with everyone.” 

Bad Bunny also addressed how he, through his music, fashion, and dialogue, is presenting a new frontier in Latin music, which can be known especially in reggaeton and Latin trap for being sexist and anti-homophobic. 

“I feel the responsibility to express myself as I am and let people know that it is okay to be them regardless of their race or sex,” Bad Bunny said. “I think this is the best time for Latinos to make themselves heard. It is an important responsibility to work so that people realize the diversity that exists in the world.”

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