Take a Bad Bunny Online Class to Raise Money for Latino Organizations

Erika Vera and Sarah Cox created a Bad Bunny online course to enrich people's perception of what Bad Bunny is all about and to help raise money too

Bad Bunny Class


Trying to explain the brilliance of Bad Bunny to people who don’t understand who or what Bad Bunny is can be frustrating. You can easily say he’s the best Latin rap artist of our time, but even that title does not do him justice. Thankfully, there is a way people can educate themselves about Bad Bunny and also raise money. 

Erika Vera and Sarah Cox created the online crash course called Bad Bunny 101 to enrich people’s perception of what Bad Bunny is all about and to celebrate his music too. The class is clearly made for fans but also for those who are illiterate in the topic of Bad Bunny. Students can expect a thorough academic course that dives deep into his Latin trap music, Latin cultural themes, and political issues. 

The class syllabus states: “In this intensive at-home learning course, we will introduce you to the major musicological and political themes in the oeuvre of Bad Bunny. We will apply a critical lense to his contributions to popular music and to the social and political discourses of our time. 

While this is a class designed for fans and aspiring fans, we recognize that no one is perfect, and even El Conejito has his problems. We will take time to think critically about each of the weekly themes.”

Admission to the class, scheduled for the spring and summer (more info on that below), will cost $5 to $10. Money raised will benefit Latin organizations, including NY State Youth Leadership Council Fund for Undocumented Youth, the Movimiento Cosecha Underground Worker Fund, and the Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico. If you cannot afford the class, you can take it for free as well. 


Here’s a sample of what you can expect

“Weekly journal entries:

Please do not sweat this. We just want you to follow Bad Bunny on Insta, Twitter, etc., so that we can incorporate current events (aka what he posts) into our weekly discussions. Your journal entries can take any format, including a share, a retweet, sending us a screenshot of your favorite BB social media content, a video of you participating in the Safaera Challenge… Go wild.”

And for the Final exam? “We’ll have a Zoom-based dance party at the end of the course. It’s pass/fail.”

Where do we sign up?! 

While the class is already in session, you can still join or sign up for the summer session. The class meets via Zoom on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. (EST). Click here to sign up and click here to view the class syllabus. 

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