Daughter Stars in Bad Bunny Video After Dad Said He Didn’t Like Him

Puerto Rican dad, Pepo García, is pretty vocal on Facebook

Photo: Instagram/badbunnypr

Photo: Instagram/badbunnypr

Puerto Rican dad, Pepo García, is pretty vocal on Facebook. He talks about everything: Hurricane Maria recovery, the environment, but mostly he’s doting on his wife, his two daughters, and his love of Puerto Rico. He recently posted that his daughter Natalia had gotten her first modeling gig, and it was to work with someone he wasn’t expecting.

“Those who know me, know I’m not a huge fan of Bad Bunny,” García wrote on Facebook. “A few months ago, I made a post criticizing the message of some of his music, and that of his foundation. One of the people who disagreed with me was my youngest daughter, Natalia, who stayed ‘Callaita.’ After this Natalia entered the field of modeling and to my surprise today in the morning, she called me to inform me that her first job in her new career was as the primary model of the new song ‘Callaita’ by Bad Bunny that has just come out.”

He added the saying that “Nada que al que no le gusta el caldo le dan 100 tazas” which translates to when you don’t like something you end up getting that thing in more ways than one.

He concluded, “Five months ago neither of us had any idea that she was going to start a career in modeling and much less that her first big job would be in a video of Bad Bunny. Life brings so many surprises! Diversity. So ‘callaito.'”

García also finished his statement with two emojis that we have to add: ?‍♂️?‍♂️?. How hilarious is that?!

Not only did his daughter persuade him to change his mind about the Puerto Rican rapper, but also to perhaps think twice before judging someone or something that he may not fully understand in the first place. Either way, he is clearly an incredible father, and his daughter is an example of that.

Here’s the video below.

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