Barbie Announces “RBD x Barbie” Doll Collection

The dolls feature the members of the iconic Latin pop group—Anahí (Mia), Dulce Maria (Roberta), Maite Perroni (Lupita), Christian Chavez (Giovanni), and Christopher von Uckerman (Diego)

RBD Mattel Barbie dolls

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Amidst the South American leg of their highly anticipated reunion—the Soy Rebelde Tour—Barbie has announced special edition RBD x Barbie dolls. The dolls feature the members of the iconic Latin pop group—Anahí (Mia), Dulce Maria (Roberta), Maite Perroni (Lupita), Christian Chavez (Giovanni), and Christopher von Uckerman (Diego). The group emerged from the popular 2004 Mexican telenovela Rebelde set in Elite Way School, a private boarding school, in which these characters find themselves as they go through the motions of adolescence, love, and music. With more than 10 million albums sold, RBD—which originally included Alfonso Herrera (Miguel)—became a phenomenon around the world. They broke language barriers and became trailblazers in Latinx music by becoming the first Spanish-speaking band to sell out and headline the Maracaná Stadium in Brazil.

Each doll, which can be purchased separately or as a set, is curated to the style and signature of each character from the telenovela Rebelde add a little info about the show. From Roberta’s signature, fiery red hair and nose ring to Mia’s star on her forehead, these Barbie dolls capture the essence of these beloved characters. Additionally, Mia, Roberta, and Lupita’s dolls can be ordered separately wearing the iconic red blazer and denim Elite Way school uniform from the telenovela.

Since being announced on Barbie’s instagram, fans have responded with excitement and nostalgia as they see their favorite band members as Barbie dolls—especially after the cultural phenomenon of the recent Barbie film. 

Fans have also called back to a previous Rebelde doll collection featuring Mia, Roberta, and Lupita that was discontinued in 2008. According to the Mattel website, “These chart-topping ‘tween pop and soap-opera stars come dressed in their school-girl uniforms of red blazer, tie and tiered denim skirt, each with the exuberance of their own personal style.”

RBD has had a phenomenal year, bringing back all the nostalgic feelings to fans by giving them another opportunity to hear the songs they love live through their reunion tour. The RBD shows so far have also shown the excitement that fans are experiencing with the return of their favorite childhood band. With many dressing up in Elite Way uniforms or as other Rebelde characters, this tour has given the Latinx community and fans what they have been missing since their last concert 15 years ago.

The announcement of this Barbie collection feels right as they continue through the last part of their tour in South America, currently in Brazil. They will be performing in São Paulo through November 19, before they end their tour in Mexico. They are set to finalize their reunion tour in the legendary Estadio Azteca in Mexico City that will be filmed on December 21.

The RBD x Barbie collection and its individual dolls are available to pre-order on Amazon depending on availability. The set of five dolls in concert outfits are unavailable on Amazon at the moment. The Elite Way uniform dolls, however, are still available to pre-order! The collection is set to release May 13, 2024.

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