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This Young Woman Is Making College Football History Thanks To Twitter

When prepping for college admission, most teens try to spruce up their resume by adding a ton of extra curriculum activities like volunteering at retirement centers, but others like Becca Longo simply go on Twitter.

The 18-year-old high school football player from Arizona had one mission in mind: follow Adams State head football coach Timm Rosenbach on Twitter, send him my video highlights, and make sure he knows who I am. Not only did Rosenbach notice Longo’s extraordinary football talents, but thanks to their Twitter connection, she also made football history.

She kind of put herself out there to let everyone know she wants to do this,” Rosenbach told CNN. “If she’s able to compete at a level we think she’s able to compete at, we should afford her that opportunity to do that.”

Rosenbach, and his staff at Adams State football, were very impressed by Longo — who began playing competitively her sophomore year, so clearly they wanted her on their team. In February, Longo visited the university in Colorado, that is located south of Denver near the New Mexico border, and fell in love with the campus.

While Longo is not the first woman to play college football, she is reportedly the first female to ever receive a football scholarship to an NCAA school at the Division II level or higher.

I was completely shocked,” Longo told CNN of being offered a full scholarship. “Everybody who has it on video said my jaw dropped to the floor.” She sure did. Here’s the video of the moment she heard she made history (click to minute 1:10).

Rosenbach told CNN that he wasn’t looking to make college football history by offering Longo a full scholarship, he just wanted to have a good kicker on his team.

“She’s got great mental toughness. She has to, if she’s put herself in this position,” Rosenbach told CNN. “By having that mental toughness, she deserves an opportunity right there to compete.”

If playing college football weren’t enough, Longo will also be playing college basketball when she begins school in the fall.

So what does Longo respond to people that say football is a man’s sport?

I just ignore it, and don’t listen to it,” Longo told an NBC news affiliate. “I just do what I do.”