Becky G Honored Gloria Estefan But Wore A Selena Quintanilla Bustier

Becky G sang a tribute song to Gloria Estefan at the 40th annual Kennedy Center Honors gala

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/iDominick

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/iDominick

Becky G sang a tribute song to Gloria Estefan at the 40th annual Kennedy Center Honors gala. The performance aired on Tuesday night, and it wasn’t her performance that got the most attention but rather her outfit. The young singer sang the Spanish song “Mi Tierra,” but her choice of fashion confused many viewers. Why would Becky G wear a Selena Quintanilla-styled bustier to a performance that was intended to honor Gloria Estafan, it made no sense.

“It was an honor to pay this special tribute to someone who has paved the way for my career as well as so many others. Gracias for all that you’ve done for music and for Latinos  You are an inspiration,” Becky G wrote on Twitter. She also added: “Besos para la reina ? This is a moment I will never forget!! @gloriaestefan you are a true icon and I am honored!”

Gloria tweeted: “Thank you for this amazing performance at

And it was a great performance. Becky G also danced beautifully to the salsa music but her Selena bustier was a major distraction, and not because it wasn’t fashionable or pretty because it was, but because it was exactly what Selena had worn.

“Becky G seems to be channeling tonight while honoring at the !”  tweeted. But more viewers were perplexed by her fashion choice. Here’s what some of them had to say: 

“Opinion of Becky G honoring Gloria with a Selena inspired outfit? Bit of a mishap?” 

And they didn’t stop there.

 “My question is why is Becky G doing a Gloria Estefan tribute wearing a Selena bustier?” @ndemetr0 tweeted. “Becky G, why are you wearing a Selena outfit when performing a tribute to ?  noooo!!! 

@itswondawoman said. Oliviasolarte wrote on Instagram: “Why the Selena look if she is honoring Gloria Estefan?”


Becky G has yet to make a statement about the possible wardrobe mishap. And if it wasn’t a mistake she should probably make a statement about why she chose to honor Selena Quintanilla during her Gloria Estefan tribute.

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