10 Incredible Cuban Restaurants in the United States

I remember the first time I stepped foot inside of Versailles restaurant in Miami. My family had only been in the U.S. for a few months, and my papi missed abuela’s cooking. Although my mom was a fine cook, we all wanted to have fried sweet plantains just like grandma used to make—and we found it there. Supposedly the oldest Cuban restaurant in the U.S., it has been a family staple ever since.

However, after living in New York City for 12 years and traveling around the country, I have learned that Miami is not the only place where you can find great Cuban food in America. In fact, every city seems to have a phenomenal go-to when you’re missing ropa vieja, pernil, fricasé de pollo or any other Cuban dish you grew up with. And if you’re not actually Cuban but simply LOVE Cuban food, that’s okay too.

From the Miami staple of Versailles (duh) to Rincon Criollo in Queens to a surprise winner in Seattle, here are the 10 best Cuban restaurants across America.

Versailles Restaurant in Miami, Florida

Although there are many, many Cuban restaurants in Miami, this has and will forever be my favorite. It’s where I always send any non-Cuban friends who are looking for a taste of Little Havana when they head to Florida. There’s a reason why Versailles Restaurant has been around since 1971: The solid, delicious, incredible, authentic food.




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