7 Best Curl Cremes for Loose Curls to Ringlets

Curly hair is tough to understand and accommodate and with the amount of information out there it can be confusing. The natural hair movement also tends to focus on 4A-4C hair, so I decided to do my own research to see what kinds of products work well for hair like mine – my hair is long, on the thinner side and a combination of coarse and fine strands. I’ve narrowed it down to seven of the best curl creams that can work for 3A-3C hair (loose curls to ringlets) since I have all three curl patterns. And yes ladies, you can have more than one curl pattern! I’ve tested all of these products on my hair and here is my assessment in order of my favorite to least favorite.

Living Proof-Defining Styling Cream

This stuff is like music to my hairs! It defines without being overly greasy or heavy. It smells great, keeps frizz away, and leaves very little build up. Unfortunately Living Proof dedicates zero marketing to us brown curly girls. If it wasn’t for the girl at Sephora who recommended it I wouldn’t have even known they have a curl line. Living Proof-Defining Styling Cream $28.00

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