5 Hair Gels That Won’t Leave Your Curls Crunchy or Dry

Finding a hair gel that leaves my curls perfectly defined without the crunch or dryness has always been a challenge for me. Even in 2019, some of the most effective ones still don’t leave me with the soft, silky, and bouncy results I’m looking for, often drying my strands out even if they don’t have alcohol in them.  This is why when I do find a good performing gel — I stock up. Anyone that knows me, knows that for years I only used the cult-favorite Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker Jelly. It’s made up of natural ingredients that leave my curls soft and nourished, all while adding definition. It’s so good it even made my curls look bouncy when I was transitioning from heat-damaged hair. But this year, I decided to branch out and see if there are any other gel formulas out there that are just as good and to my surprise, I found quite a few. Here’s a look at some hair gels that will have your curls poppin’ all year long!




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