We’re Obsessing Over These Best-Dressed Latinas on Instagram This Week

One of the funnest ways to express ourselves is through fashion

HipLatina Style

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One of the funnest ways to express ourselves is through fashion. It conveys a mood, a lifestyle, and often can send a message. Every week, we peruse Instagram to curate a collection of fabulously-dressed Latinas, and this week did not disappoint. Want to be featured in next week’s roundup? Hashtag your looks #HipLatinaStyle.

Not Trying to Be Shady

Alexa Alfonso had us LOLing at her message about hiding judgy eyes behind cool sunglasses. The whole look is great, in monochromatic greys and black (even the lippie matches!). The shine in the shades and shoes add a fun twist.


The Bold and the Beautiful

How colorful and gorgeous are these looks?! The bold colors, the patterns, the dramatic twists and drape of fabric – all on point.


Welcome to the Jungle

This look by Danié Gomez-Ortigoza is proof that more can also be more. The leaf-print PJs are striking on their own, but she doesn’t shy away from adding more to the ensemble. Instead of adding neutrals, she amps up the style with bold red accessories and statement earrings.wp_*posts

Up the Luxe Factor

We all know the power of luxury items, and their ability to make an outfit chicer. This concept was not lost on this look. The classic trench gets a rich upgrade in leather, the LV scarf and quilted Chanel bag add a luxe touch, and the whole ensemble says “I don’t care, but yet I do.”


Sunshiny Day


An all-black ensemble is so fierce, slimming, and sexy. But pops of color are a cheery breath of fresh air. Luckily, Pamela shows us that you don’t have to choose between the two concepts. Her sleek black outfit shines bright with a yellow sleeveless trench, that takes the look from fashionable to memorable.

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