7 Fitness Apps You’ll Want to Download This Year

Kicking the new year off with a fitness resolution is easy, but staying on track is the real challenge

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Kicking the new year off with a fitness resolution is easy, but staying on track is the real challenge. This year don’t go without some of the most in-demand apps to keep you on top of your fitness goals. Whether you want to get fitter, be more consistent with exercising, or simply relax, there’s an app for that. Take a look at some of our favorite apps that will keep your fitness routine fun and fresh this year. 


Swork it

Great for beginners, those short on time, and offers different fitness levels. If you’re new to working out and don’t have access to equipment, these workouts are perfect using only your bodyweight. You can also sync it up to your fitness tracker such as MyFitnessPal and Strava.




Short on time and want a personalized feel to your workouts? Gixo is the best app that offers short workout classes you can sign up to fit your schedule. Classes are led by a real instructor who you can also interact with during the session.



Nike Training Club


Not surprisingly, Nike’s popular app continues to gain followers because it has over 185 workouts, featuring Nike Trainers and athletes. The exercises are demonstrated through videos and the app also logs your runs, which is helpful if you’re training for a race.



Mirror Fitness

If you’re willing to splurge, Mirror Fitness revolutionizes the at-home workout. Using an interactive mirror ($1,495) and a monthly $39 subscription, the Mirror fitness app, offers live and on-demand workout classes of all kinds ranging from HIIT to Boxing in your own living room. Some classes (at an extra cost) even give you access to the live trainer teaching the class who can interact with you via the mirror.



Strava Running and Cycling

If you’re an avid runner or cyclist, you’ll want to download Strava ASAP. This app is an exercise tracker that gives you all the information you need about your workout (distance, heart rate, elevation,etc.) down to the last detail. Additionally, it syncs with devices such as your phone, Smart Watch, and heart rate monitor to give you the most accurate reading during your run or bike ride. You’ll also be able to share your logged runs or rides with friends and your location in real time.



Mindfulness App


In a world full of apps intended to keep you active, it’s refreshing that the Mindfulness app exists. This app is intended to help you wind down and get some meditation in daily. It allows you to time your meditation sessions for as long as you want, which means you can squeeze it in— even if it’s just five minutes a day.



Stacked App

If your fitness goal is to get stronger or leaner, the Stacked app lets you log your workouts which is a good way to track your progress. You can also create your own workouts and they are logged on the app for safekeeping through their servers.


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