30 of the Best Beauty Tips and Tricks We Found on the Internet

  You can spend an entire day scrolling and clicking on Pinterest pins, watching videos on YouTube, and liking tutorials on Instagram having to do with beauty

Photo: Unsplash/@runejohs

Photo: Unsplash/@runejohs

You can spend an entire day scrolling and clicking on Pinterest pins, watching videos on YouTube, and liking tutorials on Instagram having to do with beauty. It’s incredible that we live in a day and age that learning the latest (or old school) belleza tips, tricks, and hacks is really only a click away. But it can feel like there are so many options to choose from. Which beauty hacks really work? And which are just a waste of time? We wanted to help with this!

We did some online research for you, and found 30 beauty tips, tricks, and hacks that actually work. They’re inexpensive, easy to do, and many feature natural ingredients, so you can still get your beauty on, but without all the chemicals we overload ourselves with on a daily basis. Feel free to share these handy pointers with fam and friends!


How to Apply Moisturizer

Some solid beauty tips and tricks are super easy. Others are reworks of things we do every day. This hack is both! When you are applying moisturizer to your face, make sure to do so in an upward, circular motion. Doing so will promote the production of collagen, which in turn, will make your skin look younger and firmer longer.

wp_*postsCold Water to Dry Your Nails Faster

Here’s another easy-to-do beauty trick that helps you get your nails dried faster. All you do is dip your freshly painted nails into a bowl of cold water, or run them under an open faucet. The cold water will help your nails to dry quicker!

wp_*postsEye Drops to Extend Your Mascara

There’s nothing more annoying than having your favorite mascara seem to dry out in a matter of weeks. A way to extend the life of your mascara is to add a couple of eye drops (or saline solution) into the tube, mix it in with the wand, and voila!

wp_*postsSpoons for Puffy Eyes and Curling Lashes


A free beauty hack is the best kind. You already have a spoon in your house, and it happens to be a great tool for looking great. Not only can you use the edge of a spoon to curl your lashes, but a cold spoon will also help to depuff the eyes. You can also use the edge of a spoon as a template for applying eyeshadow in your eye crease.

wp_*postsWhere to Wear Perfume

You love your perfume and want it to last as long as possible during the day. It’s important to know where to apply your favorite scent. You should be dabbing or spritzing your fragrance on the inside of your wrists, the base of your elbows, behind your ears, the base of your throat, and behind your knees.

wp_*postsTips for Oily Skin

You wouldn’t expect coconut oil to help with oily skin but it does! This beauty hack for oily skin involves mixing coconut oil with tea tree oil for a double cleansing method (with foaming cleanser). The video tutorial also shows how to mattify the skin.

wp_*postsAloe Vera Hair Masks

We all know that aloe vera does wonders for hydrating and soothing the skin. But did you know that it also does wonders for the hair? This visual shows you how to make five different, natural hair masks with the wonder plant, to combat dandruff, help with split ends, promote hair growth, detangle hair, and deep condition your locks.

wp_*postsDIY Travel Face Wipes

I use face wipes on the daily, and I feel guilty about the waste it creates for the environment. So I was happy to find this cool beauty hack on Pinterest. You can make these for travel, but why not for home use as well? You can make your own refreshing face wipes using cotton rounds, water, different oils, and castile/natural soap.

wp_*postsThicken Your Lashes with Powder

Want your eyelashes to look thicker and fuller? Try this handy beauty trick. All you do is add some powder to your lashes after first applying a coat of mascara. Then finish with another coat of mascara, and you will have a fab result!

wp_*postsWhat Your Pimples Are Trying to Tell You

We are used to getting pimples in the same places on our face, and sometimes get those totally random breakouts in other areas. But what does it all mean? This handy visual will inform you of what pimples mean about your health, based on where they are located on your face.

wp_*postsDIY Beach Waves

Beachy hair waves are one of the best things about spending a day at the beach. But it’s super easy to get that wonderful wavy texture at home, any time of the year. All you do is mix coconut oil, warm water, sea salt, and gel into an empty spray bottle. Mix, shake, and apply!

wp_*postsMascara as Eyeliner


If you should ever run out of eyeliner, you can always try this handy beauty trick. Simply dip an angled brush into the mascara wand, in between the bristles on the top of the wand, to pick up the perfect amount of mascara. Then treat it as an eyeliner and apply your lines!

wp_*postsIce Cube Beauty Tips


Ice cubes aren’t just for keeping your beverages cold. They are also an inexpensive way to keep your face looking, and feeling, great. Apply ice to your brows before you tweeze to minimize pain. Apply it to the rest of your face to minimize pores, help with eye puffiness, reduce the swelling of pimples, improve blood circulation, and more.

wp_*postsTea Bags for Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes


Another easy and inexpensive beauty hack will have you recycling your caffeinated tea bags once you’re done with your daily cups. Cooling down the bags and applying them on your eyes will help depuff them and reduced dark circles. It’s a great way to reduce, recycle, and really get your money’s worth from your grocery store purchase!

wp_*postsGreen Tea Face Mist


Face mists are refreshing, nourishing, and just feel so pampering for the skin. A great one you can make yourself, at home, is made with green tea and Vitamin E. You can brew some green tea to make this, and use the bags for the hack we just previously mentioned! Your glowing skin and rested looking eyes will thank you!

wp_*postsFour Ingredient Teeth Whitener

White teeth just make you look young, healthy, and dazzling. Want to know an easy way to get your teeth snow white? Just mix some of your existing toothpaste with water, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda, and brush. Do this once a week until you get to your desired level of tooth whiteness and brightness, then repeat every month or so for upkeep.

wp_*postsThe Tape/Credit Card Eyeliner Trick

There’s nothing more annoying than having to spend extra time trying to get your eyeliner wings to match. One may look perfect, while the other is wonky, or you could be having a day where they both look like a hot mess. Luckily, with this easy DIY hack, you can be sure your swoops are the same. Use a credit card, piece of tape, or post it and place where you want your wing to go, and draw the line. This also works for eyeshadow wings as well.

wp_*postsDryer Sheet Hairbrush Hack

Constantly combing hair out of your hairbrush is annoying. A simple way to make this easier to do is by pushing down a dryer sheet on it before brushing. It will catch all the hair, and will also help guard against static. I would recommend to find natural dryer sheets, as they normally can contain many chemicals.

wp_*postsPool and Beach Hair Protecting Hack

Chlorine and (too much) sea salt can damage your hair. Protect your tresses beforehand by rinsing them with tap water and/or leave-in conditioner. That way your hair has already absorbed the good stuff before it’s seen any of the bad.

wp_*postsYogurt For Lightening Armpit Shadow

Shaving and certain deodorants can leave a dark shadow on your armpits. Did you know that the yogurt you have in your fridge can help lighten your underarms? Yes! Just apply to your pits for 20 minutes and rinse afterward; repeat daily until your underarms are sufficiently lightened.

wp_*postsCold Showers vs Hot Showers


Something as simple as the temperature of your shower can make a big difference in your beauty routine! Cold showers can help tighten your skin, close your pores, and reduce hair loss. Hot showers, on the other hand, can reduce swelling, open sores, and clear the skin of toxins.

wp_*postsDIY Natural Lip Scrub

There are a lot of easy, natural, and inexpensive beauty products you can make yourself, at home. One of these is a great lip scrub. Exfoliate your lips with this blend of sugar, coconut oil, and honey. It’s nourishing, natural, and made with ingredients so pure that you could eat them!

wp_*postsThree Different, Easy Hair Hacks

This helpful, informative video provides not one, but three hair hacks. The first one we recognize as the doobi/doobi doo/tubi, which is basically wrapping your hair around your head to straighten it and leave it super shiny. The second hack shows you how to wear bangs without cutting any of your hair. And the final hack demonstrates how you can create a faux bob with your long hair.

wp_*postsEyeshadow by Eye Shape

Eyeshadow is meant to accentuate your eyes, but this doesn’t stop with just bringing out your eye color. The way you apply shadow will also work with (or against) your eye shape. Check out this visual to see how and where you should be putting eyeshadow on your ojos.

wp_*postsDIY Creamy Shaving Soap

Shaving creams, like many other beauty products we use regularly, are usually filled with chemicals and toxins that do more harm to our health and beauty than good. We are always looking for ways to keep things as natural as possible and find healthy alternatives to these products. Did you know you can easily make your own shaving soap?! Check out this DIY, which uses only three ingredients: water, castile liquid soap, and baking soda.

wp_*postsHow to Create Perfect Brows

Sometimes, little beauty pointers here and there canhttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/255086766382692427/ completely revolutionize how you’ve been doing something all along. Like how you put on your eyebrows. This visual breaks down exactly what lines you should be drawing, and in what order. It really helps!

wp_*postsTwo-Ingredient Body Butter

Your skin is one of your body’s biggest organs. Whatever you put on it has chemicals that will then enter your bloodstream. That’s why we are all for natural beauty products. This rich-looking body butter is made with only two ingredients: shea butter and coconut oil. Learn how to make it here.

wp_*postsHow to Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

Just like with eyeshadow, eyeliner, eyebrows, how you apply your blush should coincide with your particular face shape. Apply it wrong, and you can be working against your face instead of complementing it. This easy to follow visual lets you know exactly where you should be sweeping those washes of color.

wp_*postsEight Coffee Benefits for Hair


Coffee saves the day from tiredness, but it can also add some pep to your hair. It can help your hair grow, refresh brown tresses, serve as an exfoliator for your scalp, adds shine, helps with hair loss, and more. It’s yet another everyday product you buy that can do double-duty!

wp_*postsDIY Lip Plumpers Made with Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a lot of health benefits, but it also has beauty benefits. Did you know that it will help your lips get plumper?! Yes! The above visual shows five different lip plumpers you can make yourself, at home, with cinnamon. Again, as we mentioned previously, aim to use natural products (a natural alternative for Vaseline, natural lip gloss, etc.) whenever possible, so you can have both beauty and health benefits in your products!

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