25 of the Best Selena Memes on the Internet

This month marks 25 years that we lost Selena Quintanilla-Perez

Photo: MEME

Photo: MEME

This month marks 25 years that we lost Selena Quintanilla-Perez. But her legacy and memory live on so brightly and fiercely that we are reminded of the Queen of Tejano and Cumbia, through her songs, dope new merchandise emblazoned with her image, and tons of beautiful art from her legion of eternal fans on the daily.

We also like to honor Selena on the regular, but especially so in March. We have been creating special, Selena-themed content this whole month, including articles on rare videos and rare photos, and sharing Jennifer Lopez’s touching tribute to the icon and legend. Today, we are sharing 25 of the best Selena memes.


Monday vs Friday

Mondays and Fridays are at polar ends of the work week, and our emotions about each day are also at two different ends of the emotional spectrum. This Selena meme, which features photos from her 1994 Christina interview, hilariously sums up how we feel on drab Mondays and happy Fridays.


Me Meeting Selena in Heaven


This sweet fan pic became an equally sweet meme. The photo shows Selena posing with a crying, grateful fan. It shows exactly how we will act once we meet Selena in the great beyond.


When You Want to Buy Selena Merchandise

Selena merchandise is a dangerous thing for our wallets. If something has Selena’s image, signature, or anything having to do with the legend, we don’t even think twice about buying it. Great for us, horrible for our bank account, as this funny meme shows.


Mood: Unbothered


Selena was too busy being awesome to be bothered, and we hope to be the same way. This photo of Selena during a fab nap was used to make a meme featuring a mood we should always adopt–unbothered.


I’m Not Obsessed with Selena

Who, us obsessed with Selena?! Absolutely, in the best way possible! We can’t deny that we love to sport Selena-themed things and love this cool Selena makeup illustration on the lips which pays homage to her “Amor Prohibido” outfit.


What Listening to Selena’s Music is Like

This meme is a visual to what we hear, and how we feel when we listen to Selena’s music. It’s like glitter from heaven is coming out of the earbuds and from the music itself.


When Someone You Don’t Like Walks in the Room


Selena was like a lot of us Latinxs in that she wore her emotions on her face for all to see. We have seen photos from interviews where she is smiling from ear to ear in one photo and looks annoyed in the next. This makes for some hilarious memes, like this one that was used to describe how your face can automatically change once someone you don’t like walks in the room.


All You Needed Was Food


When we don’t eat, we get hangry. When we don’t eat delicious Latinx food, we get hangry. This funny Selena meme shows how happy we get once we get to eat. It features Selena and hubby Chris Perez.


No More Episodes

Especially now, we are binge-watching so many great shows on Netflix. This Selena Quintanilla-Perez meme shows how we feel when we finally get all caught up on our favorite show, and there are no new episodes left to watch.


Crying When Listening to “Dreaming of You”

There are certain songs that automatically pull at our heartstrings and set off the waterworks. Selena’s “Dreaming of You” is definitely one of those songs. Just hearing the first few words, or even the first few chords is enough to make us shed some tears.


Coachella vs Fiesta de la Flor


While others are obsessing about going to Coachella, many of us Latinxs are dreaming of going to Fiesta de la Flor (although both are great!). These series of Selena memes show the excitement so many feel about heading to Texas for the Selena festival.


How I Really Look


Sometimes when we think we look nice and approachable, we catch a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror or the reflection in a window and see that we have a total case of resting bitch face. This funny meme shows how Selena could change her mood instantly from a huge smile to a don’t mess with me look in no time flat.


When 22 Years Pass and You’re Still Relevant


This meme was created three years ago, but the message is true. No matter how many years pass, Selena continues to be more relevant than ever. That’s a huge feat, in a finicky industry that forgets about artists just about as quickly as they rise to the top. Selena, and her talent, is eternal.


A Wise Woman Once Said


Selena’s empowering lyrics inspire us to not take any mess from a man. This meme speaks about the song “Que Creias,” where Selena wisely tells a no-good boyfriend that he can just leave.


Me When You First Meet Me vs Me As Soon As You Talk to Me

Photo: MEME

Remember we spoke about mean-mugging without meaning to? RSB can lead to people thinking we are not nice and not approachable. But, when you talk to people who may look mean, you’ll find that they’re actually super nice; this Selena meme explains this phenomenon perfectly.


How to Kidnap Me


This meme is hilarious and so true. Want to kidnap us? We will follow the free tacos and Selena Quintanilla-Perez music.


How I Feel After I Put My Makeup On


Photo: Pinterest

This meme captures the glam moment after we just finished applying our makeup. Selena is seen basking in the sun, with her beauty look on point.


I Still Need This Red Lipstick


Red lipstick is in the makeup collection of many a Latinx. We have so many tubes of this classic, striking hue, but we don’t care! We have to get our hands on any red lipstick that is part of the Selenaย  MAC collection (or any other upcoming Selena collection). Not only are they pretty, but they are copies of actual colors she wore!


How Best Friends Are Made


Who knows how many friendships have been made over bonding over Selena and loving her, but we venture to guess many. This adorable cartoon meme shows how BFFs are made thanks to the icon.


Haters Gonna Hate

Photo: Popsugar

You can’t control who doesn’t like you, so don’t pay them any mind. Keep your eyes on your success, so they can also hate on that. This Selena sipping on Coca-Cola meme explains the beautiful struggle nicely.


“Como La Flor, Con Tanto Amor!”

Photo: @selenaq.memesandfacts/Instagram/We Heart It

We like to yell the lyrics to Selena songs at the top of our lungs because we love them so much. This meme captures us when we sing “Como La Flor,” with emotion and, at times, some tears in our eyes. Selena forever!


The Most Humble Musical Artist in History

No matter how big of a star Selena became, she was always the girl next door, the humble artist, and kind to everyone she interacted with. This meme points out this fact, which remains one of the big reasons fans all over the world adore Selena so much.


Fairy Godmother Celia and Princess Selena


Disney films should have way more Latinxs in them, so you’re going to love this meme. It reimagines the Disney classic Cinderella with two huge legends–Celia Cruz as the fairy godmother, and Selena as the princess.


Just Imagine

We are happy that so many people got to see Selena perform in person, and aren’t going to lie that it also makes us a little jealous. This meme shows Selena in concert and lets us all imagine seeing her perform live. But the caption also reminds so many of us that we are lucky to have shared some time with her here on this planet at the same time. We’re so grateful.


Netflix: Are You Still There?

Another funny meme that revolves around this pic of Selena taking a nap talks about the moment when Netflix checks in to see if you’re still watching the show you’ve been binge-watching. But we can’t click “Continue watching” because we fell asleep ages ago!

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