Selena-Inspired Gifts Every Fan Should Own

Nicole Young
Selena Quintanilla‘s star has only grown brighter since her death more than two decades ago and her songs including  “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom“, “Como La Flor,” and “Dreaming of You” remain streaming staples. Her iconic outfits, unforgettable performances, and love...
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Chris Perez Recounts Selena’s “Traumatic” Death in New Documentary

Virginia Isaad
It has been 26 years since Selena’s death yet the spotlights remains on the beloved Queen of Tejano music, whose story is part of E! True Hollywood Story’s “Death of Innocence” episode. The show explores the untimely deaths of celebrities...
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25 Ways Selena Quintanilla Blazed a Trail for Latinas in Entertainment

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
Selena Quintanilla-Perez‘a legacy and memory lives on larger than ever, with generation after generation lifting her up by embracing her music, fashion, and essence. Selena is an icon who cemented her place in the entertainment industry as one of the...
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‘Anything for Selena’ Podcast is a Deep Dive into Selena’s Cultural Impact

Virginia Isaad
Selena’s legacy goes beyond her music, she was one of the most prominent and successful Latinas in entertainment and she is a symbol of dual identities as a Mexican-American who crossed over to the U.S. While many of us were...
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A.B. Quintanilla Says Selena’s Family Should Accept Posthumous Grammy

It was recently announced that legendary Tejana singer/songwriter Selena Quintanilla will receive a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award at the upcoming Grammy Awards and her older brother A.B. Quintanilla says her family would be happy to accept the award on her...
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Selena Quintanilla’s Family is Sued Over New Netflix Show

Virginia Isaad
The upcoming release of Selena: The Series on Netflix has a lot of people excitedly anticipating what’s supposed to be an authentic look at the iconic Tejano star’s life. Selena’s sister Suzette Quintanilla and her dad Abraham Quintanilla Jr. are both...