The Best Travel Destinations for Women of Color in 2020

Since the weather outside is certainly still frightful, there is no better time than now to plan your next tropical getaway

Photo: Unsplash/@elishavision

Photo: Unsplash/@elishavision

Since the weather outside is certainly still frightful, there is no better time than now to plan your next tropical getaway. More than ever before, people of color based in the United States are traveling beyond our borders to experience worlds that, at times, feel more like home than anywhere else. For this National Plan a Vacation Day, we selected the top fifteen locations you should plan to visit in 2020. 


Havana, Cuba

While the Trump administration has made it more difficult to book a trip with its newest travel restrictions, there is no reason to miss out on the magical culture and rich history that Cuba has to offer. 

Traveling under the People to People category may no longer be an option, but plenty of Americans are heading down there under the Support the Cuban People category, which essentially requires visitors to spend money and time with Cuban-owned businesses. 

Sounds easy enough for us!


Port of Spain, Trinidad

With Carnival season around the corner, it may be tricky to try to get in on the action for 2020. However, if you can score the hottest party tickets of the season it will undoubtedly be worth the hassle. 

Every year, locals and Carnival-enthusiasts from around the world descend upon the city to join in on what is arguably one of the greatest nationwide parties in the world. Needless to say, this is a trip to add to your bucket list. 


St. Georges, Grenada

If you don’t make it to Trinidad Carnival, fret not. Grenada is one of the gems of the Carribean and it is also known for having one of the best Carnival seasons in the world. Visit its beautiful beaches, its incredible outdoor adventures — including its famed underwater sculpture park — and then participate in its traditional “jab jab” celebration for an unforgettable vacation. wp_*posts

Accra, Ghana (West Africa)

While 2019 was considered The Year of the Return for many people of African descent thanks to various initiatives and events taking place in the city, it was only the beginning of mass travel of Black people from the U.S. to Ghana.

Not only does the city offer amazing shopping, food, and culture, but it offers many tourists of African descent a meaningful opportunity to retrace history, as one of the main slave ports, Cape Coast Castle, still stands in Ghana where visitors can take guided tours. wp_*posts

Negril, Jamaica

Looking for a chic, Instagrammable trip for you and your girls? Search no further than Skylark Negril. When you are not posing for photos around the property, you can enjoy delicious meals at their famed restaurant Miss Lily’s or take an excursion out to Dunn River Falls for an unforgettable hike up a waterfall.

Not to mention, the resort donates a portion of revenue to support local Jamaican children through their Rockhouse Foundation. wp_*posts

Cairo, Egypt (North Africa)

Whoever said you can’t take a last-minute trip to Africa? By finding a guided tour group, travelers can experience a trip of a lifetime without having to do much planning at all. 

Case in point: this March, the tourism group Elements Excursions will host a ten-day group trip where travelers will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to skydive over the Egyptian pyramids, snorkel the Red Sea, and explore historic tombs and temples. 

Worried about safety? The trip will be hosted by a top Army veteran, who will provide next-level security assurances. wp_*posts

Marrakesh, Morocco (North Africa)

When our Managing Editor, Johanna Ferreira, visited the classic city of Marrakesh in 2019, she left behind a trail of enviable Instagram photos for days. From the city’s souks to the Atlas Mountains, there are endless activities and sights to see. 

But, there’s nothing more exciting than the wealth of reasonably priced hotel options that will leave you feeling like a Moroccan princess. wp_*posts

Bridgetown, Barbados

A hotspot destination for travelers who are looking for the picture-perfect vacation, Barbados is a classic Caribbean getaway. Not only does the country boast a female prime minister, Mia Mottley, but it also has almost year-round festivals and activities for tourists — beyond its annual Carnival. Our favorite is the annual Food & Rum Festival, where you can truly enjoy the taste of the tropics. wp_*posts

Nadi, Fiji

If colorful temples alone are not enough to spark a fire under your Instagram dreams, its spectacular beaches and secluded islands are more than enough to send you into a 24-hour daydream of relaxation and wonder. 

A must-do? Book a tour of a traditional Fijian village to experience local traditions, including the meke dancing.wp_*posts

Marigot, St. Maarten

Visit the capital of St. Martin to experience a thrilling mix of food, culture, and history — in addition to the beautiful weather and beaches. To kick the trip up a notch, consider chartering a boat to go deep-sea fishing or check out neighboring islands like Anguilla. wp_*posts

San Jose, Costa Rica

You don’t necessarily have to go all the way to Africa to experience a life-changing encounter in the wild. Experience a Costa Rican safari retreat at one of the many luxury resorts that offer many opportunities to get up-close and personal with the animals. 

We’ve been dreaming about the retreats hosted by the award-winning Nayara properties, including their new Tented Camp, located in the Arenal Volcano National Park.wp_*posts

San Juan, Puerto Rico

While it is technically not outside of the United States, now more than ever Puerto Rico needs and deserves love from its mainland citizens.

Book a Jet Blue short-haul for less than $300 and grab your girls for an easy opportunity to bask in the sand, sun, culture, delicious food, and maybe some community service. wp_*posts

Phuket (Thailand)

You don’t have to sacrifice relaxation on the beach to also have a spiritual experience on your vacation this year. Visit Phuket to take in its gorgeous beaches and its landmarks, like the giant Buddha statue in Nakkerd Hills. Or perhaps you’ll have an even more spiritual moment by coming face-to-face with a live tiger at one the Phuket Tiger Kingdom, where Indochinese tigers are raised. wp_*posts

Lagos, Nigeria (West Africa)

Travel to this part of West Africa and prepare to turn up. 

From the locals’ impeccable fashion sense to the lively nightlife, this is the place to step out in style! Known as Nigeria’s party hub, the city boasts endless options for travelers looking to find a dope DJ and a dancefloor. 

And trust us, you’ll want to find the nearest dancefloor to burn off all the delicious jollof rice and delicious, spicy fare. 

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