Did The Bond Between You & Your Dog Grow During The Past Year? Check Out These Beautiful Stories!

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Quarantine Dog Stories

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This pandemic has been a trying time on all of us. With lockdown laws in place, most of us were unable to see friends and family, and only had our furry friends to turn to. Our dogs have always stood by our side giving us moments of laughter, companionship, and life teachable moments. From dressing up our pets in crazy outfits, to having them as our dinner guests for Christmas, we asked our readers to share their favorite stories with their fluffy companions from the past year and a half. Spoiler alert: cute dog photos ahead!


Tater Tot

“With the world shutdown and social lives going digital, I decided to take on online dating. I matched with this girl who was just as obsessed with her dog as I am with mine. We bonded over the love for our pets, and love of tacos of course. We are meeting for the first time in two weeks, but more importantly our dogs are meeting in two weeks. I can’t wait to watch Cesar Millan: Better Human, Better Dog to impress her and her dog with our new skills!” – Annie



“During the pandemic, I lost my job due to Covid-19 laws and my office shutting down. NYC is full of odd jobs and things to do, so I decided to start dog sitting while waiting out lockdown. One of my favorite dogs to watch was Stella, a Great Dane from Brooklyn. I’m a short girl, so I was always cautious and a bit fearful around very large dogs. But Stella changed my mind. She was so calm and nurturing, and she’s honestly the sweetest dog I know. I always looked forward to taking care of her, because her essence is like a kind friend offering an ear. She was taking care of me!” – Christina


Luke & Jackson

“My boyfriend and I spent our pandemic days in Brooklyn, NY with my two dogs Luke and Jackson. With lockdown laws in place at the beginning of Covid-19, I was able to spend those missing hours at home with them, which was probably their favorite part! My dogs are my family, but being with them all day showed me all of the quirky sides of their personalities, a true dynamic duo! Jackson is the energetic one, the guard dog if you will. Luke is the quiet one, always being watched over by his big brother when he’s afraid of fireworks. It makes me realize that dogs really are just like people, and as they are companions to us, they are companions to each other. I know they’ll miss me when we are back in the office all day, but I know they have each other as best friends.” – Sandra



“I’ve always loved and owned dogs throughout my life, but Primrose is the youngest dog I have ever raised from puppyhood. Like many others throughout the pandemic, I decided to adopt a puppy. Raising a puppy would have been impossible with a full-time job as a teacher, so I was very lucky to be able to teach from home while being with Prim. Having Primrose with me not only brings such a light hearted energy to my home, but she bridges the bond between my students and I being far away. When we tackle crazy math lessons, to hard history questions, she motivates them. Now it’s time to turn the teaching to her as we wait for the premiere of Cesar Millan: Better Human, Better Dog!” – Carlos

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