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Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s New Album Is on Every Streaming Platform RIGHT Now—Including Spotify!

We all freaked out when we learned on Saturday that Beyoncé and Jay-Z had just dropped their surprised joint album Everything Is Love. One of my besties even considered cancelling plans with me that evening just so she could listen to the entire album all night on repeat—that’s how serious this was. But as excited as I was, I wasn’t thrilled nor surprised by the fact that the album was only available on Jay-Z’s streaming service TIDAL. Did I really want to spend money for a streaming service I’ll hardly ever use? Or was my frugal ass finally going to give in? After all, Beyoncé’s Lemonade album is still til this day not on Spotify! Well, it appears that as of today Everything Is Love is available on every streaming platform—including Spotify. I’ll give you a second to process that.

The only Everything Is Love song I got to listen to this weekend was the album’s track “APES**T-The Carters” and only because the couple actually released the song’s music video on YouTube. But because the song and video was so fire—it was also such a tease. I was determined that after all my Father’s Day festivities ended I’d finally cave in and open an account with Tidal. My plan was to do it Monday morning and it was Monday morning that I discovered that I could actually stream the album on Spotify. What a wonderful Monday surprise, right?

In addition to Spotify, you can also officially stream the album on Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon. This was a very surprising and interesting move on the couple’s part, especially considering Beyoncé’s 2016 album is still not available on Spotify. There’s even a track on the album called “NICE” where Beyonce basically confirms she’ll probably never put the album on Spotify.

She raps: “If I gave two fucks—two fucks about streaming numbers/Would have put Lemonade up on Spotify.” This is why NONE of us saw this coming! These two really know how to take their fans off guard. First they drop a surprise duo album with zero hints and then they make it available to everyone. It feels like Christmas in the summer!

Either way, I’m just glad to learn that the album is available for me to listen to and repeat all day. Mondays are officially starting to look better. At least this Monday anyway!