9 Photos From Beyoncé’s Amazing “Carter Push Party”

We know Beyoncé is about to give birth to her twins any day now — but before she does, Queen B got a perfect send off with a “Carter Push Party

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Sassy

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Sassy

We know Beyoncé is about to give birth to her twins any day now — but before she does, Queen B got a perfect send off with a “Carter Push Party.” The BIG affair happened on Saturday in Beverly Hills and all of her closest friends were there.


Now, before you Google “what’s a push party?” We can inform you real quick. A push party, or a push present, is like baby shower, except it comes much later, like right when you’re about to push it out. It’s kind of a new-ish trend, which celebs have put on the map.

For example, Black Chyna gave herself a push present that was in the form of a car.


Kanye West gave his wife Kim Kardashian West a huge diamond chocker before she gave birth to her son Saint. Here it is pictured next to that mega ring, which eventually got stolen….but we don’t have to get into that.


But back to Beyoncé!!!!

Now that you know the meaning behind a push party/push present, let’s look at Beyoncé’s insane party that included the 35-year-old’s belly with a henna tattoo.

Guests included La La Anthony, Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and of course her mom. Check out the pictures!


This is the cake!


The fashion at this party can be a separate story on its own. But here’s a couple of looks from the former  members of Destiny’s Child.



Here’s more of the layout. We are loving the African-themed party.


And here’s the lovely couple.

All we can say is GET IT GIRL!

Beyoncé is extremely lucky to have such an amazing support group because giving birth to two babies cannot be an easy task. But we’d like to think that if the pain gets too intense for B all she needs to do is think about her lavish push party and the pain will just fade away.

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