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The Reason Serena Williams’ Pregnancy Announcement Is Inspiring to So Many Women Who’ve Delayed Motherhood

When Serena Williams casually posted a picture of herself in a bright yellow bathing suit with the caption “20 weeks” on Snapchat yesterday, the internet exploded with cheers.


Her spokeswoman, Kelly Bush Novak confirmed the news to the Associated Press saying, “I’m happy to confirm Serena is expecting a baby this fall.” The athlete is engaged to Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian.

People were clearly happy about her pregnancy news for various reasons, for starters because babies are a blessing! But also, this extraordinary news is totally inspiring.

If Williams is 20 weeks pregnant that means this world champion tennis player won the Australian Open while she was two months pregnant.

Of course this incredible feat didn’t go unrecognized and the internet erupted in awe of the tennis star.

Another reason to celebrate is Williams, who is 35, shows that women don’t have to sacrifice career, marriage, self-happiness, to have babies. You can literally start a new chapter in your life at any age.

Williams is just the latest celebrity that is 35 or older to announce their amazing pregnancy news. Beyoncé, 35, announced she was pregnant with twins earlier this year after releasing the critically-acclaimed album Lemonade, and completing a massive world tour. Janet Jackson, 50, also released the first picture of her newborn this week.

Congrats to the mommy-to-be.